Jul 23, 2015

Girl's Day's "Ring My Bell" Is The Worst Comeback Of The Summer, So Far

Girl's Day Drop It Low for Harmonica-Heavy 'Ring My Bell'

What. WHAT. WHAT? 
I'm sorry but what happened to Girl's Day, the group that used to make painfully catchy tunes with equally intriguing choreographies? I was so looking forward to this comeback, especially considering the teaser pictures of the girls dressed as famous western stars, and this is what they've decided to drop? I almost didn't want to review this because of how horrified I was when I first watched it, but I honestly have so much to say about "Ring My Bell"

First of all, what happened to the goddamn concept? What was the deal about dressing up as Audrey Hepburn and Madonna if it wasn't going to have anything to do with the actual song or video? I get that this has been done before (having teaser photos that turn out to have no connection to the actual video) but this seems way to random to later completely ignore. I honestly don't get what on earth they were going for, because while it was a questionable concept it at least was one, and this MV has no theme whatsoever. I have no idea what it's suppose to be: nauseating sets, random outfit choices or strange hair colors? Who knows. Do they even know themselves?

The song doesn't really clear anything up either, as it's probably one of Girl's Day's worst title tracks to date. I can't even remember last time they released a title track as bad as this one, because that never freaking happens. "Don't Forget Me", "Expectation" and "Something" were are brilliant, and even last year's "Darling" is a masterpiece compared to this one. Following the last few year's trend of having disjointed songs as title tracks, "Ring My Bell" shows exactly why that is a terrible idea.

It's so messy I can't even begin to pick out everything that sounds wrong with it, because it all clashes together in a pot of noise. What's the most frustrating is that the actual melody for the majority of the song isn't that bad, but the melody gets completely buried in sound and awfully composed background music. The feast drum beat during the chorus specifically sounds terribly misplaced and not at all in line with the actual pace of the song and only adds to the chaotic feeling that this MV literally personifies.

As I'm watching the video I'm desperately trying to make out what kind of video it's supposed to be, but it's all so utterly nonsensical. No scene seems to have any connection to the other, and while I've seen plenty of box videos like this with different lit-up sets none of them were as chaotic as "Ring My Bell". At least they could have chosen some sets that looked pretty, or at the very least didn't make my eyes hurt or made my head dizzy. Minah seems to be standing on a cloud, Hyeri sits on a shiny, spinning throne and the girls are also playing a game of dart out of nowhere? There also seems to be a lot of shiny items and bright neon colors thrown into the mix, and it does appear like their company just went all out and included every set and prop they could find without thinking about how everything would look together. However the final question remains; Who on earth is the black guy?

Let's not even talk about the choreography. Girl's Day's dance routines in the past have always had some kind of memorable move, and although they're not the dancing queens per say, they've managed to hold their own with the choreography they've been given. That's why I'm so shocked by the low quality of the dancing for this particular comeback. It's horribly unoriginal and uninspiring, and the crab-like dance move that's supposed to be the main "point" looks awkward as hell.

Usually by the end of a review of a video like this I finish off with something positive, like how the girls look amazing (which is pretty much always the case), but I can't even say that here. God knows I love them, but Sojin's bleach blonde does not suit her and I actually don't like Yura's red hair that much either. Hyeri looks great in black but those extensions need to go, and that leaves Minah who I actually think looks the best out of them. Never thought I'd ever say that, huh?
Outfit-wise it's unfortunately not much better, mainly because their clothes are boring and, like the entire comeback, has no concept or pattern whatsoever. Those bathing-suits too look really uncomfortable to dance in, and I hate those jean vests with a passion.

I don't actually think much else needs to be said to round up this review, because I don't see how I could have been any clearer with my opinion of this comeback. It's Girl's Day's worst one in years and most definitely the worst girl group comeback so far this summer. They can do and deserve so much better than this, and I'm obviously directing all my anger at their company for wasting their talent like this. The disappointment is real.

Song: 1,5/5
Video: 2,4/5

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