Aug 4, 2015

A Pink's "Remember" Is Ironically Very Forgettable

A Pink - Pink Memory

A Pink has, in my opinion, one of K-pop's most solid discographies in terms of title tracks. I generally don't listen to them otherwise because I'm not really into their type of music, but every single they've released has had an insane earworm-factor. This dates back to even their earlier days, such as their catchy debut single "I Don't Know" and the one that got them their first ever music show award: "My My". Even if you don't like their style of music you can't help but to like their title tracks because they're all so damn catchy. At least that's where I stand. After a very successful run with "Luv" last year I was excited to see what they would bring out next, but "Remember" has left my with nothing but disappointment.

A Pink - Pink MemoryFirstly, the song is probably the least distinctive A Pink title track to date, and that's a real shame. It sounds like any other typical A Pink song, having that harmless pop sound and innocent approach, but this one has nothing in it to make it stand out. There's no hook, no part that grabs your attention the same way "No No No", "Mr. Chu" and "Luv" do. They sing about wanting and hoping to be remembered, but unfortunately for them I can't say this track is very memorable. I wouldn't have expected them to try new waters entirely because this concept has proven to be highly successful for them, but I expected a song showed some kind of musical growth.

"Luv" last year felt to me like a step in the right direction, as it showed a more mature side of the group without letting go of their image entirely. You don't have to drastically change concepts or musical style to develop, and there are many small, subtle changes that can be done that would make all the difference for this group, because honestly; it's getting a bit predictable now.

I don't really have much positive to say about the video either, unfortunately, because it is like the song; very forgettable. Not that this group usually have outstanding MV's but in combination with the song this one just seems all the more bland. Much like many other girl group videos this summer it's nothing but a fanservice-video shot in various outdoor locations. The lyrics of the song are in no way connected to the plot of the video, but serve mainly as an excuse for the girls to look cute and lovable all whilst flirting like crazy with the camera. Is this an MV or it is a photoshoot? Who knows. Sorry for sounding so bitter but I just find it extremely boring, and you might not believe me when say that I actually adore these young women. It's just that everything in this video feels staged to the point where none of the members actions or interactions seem real and genuine, and it irks me to watch.

A Pink - Pink Memory
The majority of the video takes place either on a sailing boat or in a huge grass field, and although the locations look beautiful and I especially love the naval theme I feel like they both could have been utilized better. They both scream "summer", which is obviously the point, but it's still not enough for my personal taste. The location in which the choreography parts take place does stand out to me though, but not for a good reason as I find it looks kind of odd stacked between the other sceneries.

As edited affects go it seems A Pink simply got the " K-pop Summer 2015" pack, which includes high brightness, saturation and in this case also somewhat of a faded finish (which this group are no strangers in using). Everything looks pretty. yes, but as I've watched so many similar videos this summer it's really not impressing me at all. And no, not even Naeun's face or Bomi's everything can save it.

A Pink - Pink Memory
I'm, unsurprisingly, not very overjoyed about the choreography either as it too fails to leave an impression on me. I know they can do much more complex and interesting choreographies, or at least one that has a move that sticks with you. The only memorable one here is when the run on the spot and point back and forth, but that move is honestly quite childish looking.

However I am more enthusiastic about their styling this time around, from the naval-inspired outfits to casual street-wear, but honestly anything would have been fine after what we were given with their most previous comeback. I also have to salute Eunji's hairstylist for finally letting her bangs grow and Naeun's one for dying her hair blonde (it's not in the MV, but watch the live performances and you'll see). Bomi is also killing it in bleach blonde, and not many people can do that so props to her, but I'm not as big a fan of the pink. The remaining three look good too, but not so much that I would call them out on it.

Clearly, as you've noticed, this comeback will not be one I'll remember down the line (see what I did there?). It appears the general public shares the same opinion as mine, as the buzz about this comeback has been significantly smaller than some of their previous ones. I feel disappointed, of course, but most of all I feel indifferent, and I wonder if that's not actually worse. I seriously hope they can change it up a bit next time, and put out something more mature and suitable for their age as I'm starting to feel they've outgrown this concept and image. I know you can't succeed every time, but I was expecting much, much better.

Song: 2/5
Video: 3/5

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