Aug 18, 2015

Got7's New Mini "Just Right" Is Just OK

GOT7 - Just Right

I was hesitant as to whether I should give Got7's newest mini album a try, considering my less than enthusiastic feelings about their previous comeback "Stop Stop It" and the album that came with it. I feel like with most Got7 releases there has been a blend of really great songs and really poor songs, which makes me a bit uneasy because I want their albums to be consisting of only the good kind of tracks. However since I really enjoyed "Just Right" as a song and the video as well I thought I'd give it a shot anyway, and I can say that while I'm not overjoyed I'm not disappointed either.

GOT7 - Just RightThe mini opens up with "Just Right", which is also the title track. I've already written a review on the MV that went with it, and had basically nothing but praise about it. I mentioned in that post that I really liked the song as well, and that I especially loved the lyrics, who spoke of feeling content about yourself and not changing who you are to fit into certain standards. I still think the song is one of their stronger promotional tracks to date, but then again the competition isn't very big either. "Just Right" does have, musically, a bit of a mixed directions as the verses sound vastly different from the bridge and chorus. It doesn't sound completely disjointed, but it comes as a surprise when Youngjae starts his part (he sounds wonderful too, by the way) and the mood suddenly changes drastically.

However my biggest issue with the track does lie with the change in musical style, because I kind of dislike the rapping in the verses. Let's be real: Jackson, Mark and Bambam aren't amazing rappers and it does show more when they're featured as much as they are in this song, and sadly to me it pulls the overall score of the song down a little bit.

GOT7 - Just RightThe following song is called "Before The Full Moon Rises" and it's probably of my favorites on the album; but that's without looking at the lyrics. Musically the track is quite simple in its construction, having a mid-tempo pace and a simplistic background beat with synths featuring here and there. It's not very complex nor is it actually that interesting, but I personally like the melody and I think everyone sounds good on it too. JB especially nails his part in the chorus.

Sadly when I looked at the lyrics I felt a bit put off, as they start off cute and sweet about not wanting to say goodbye to their girlfriend as the day draws to an end, but they later start making references to themselves becoming angry wolves at full moon? They literally tell her to go home now or they will turn into a scary wolf, and while I'm sure they mean no more by it but a metaphor for not wanting her to go and asking her stay although she has to leave, it still irks me. I don't want any of that predatory stuff, guys. Please.

Next up is "My Whole Body Is Reacting" which is about the members experiencing a physical reaction towards this certain person despite them not being a very nice and kind person. Although they know better their bodies can't help but respond, and thus they feel trapped in the situation. As a whole I think the lyrics are fine, and the song itself isn't a bad listen either. It's musically very similar to the previous one, having a very minimalistic and non-complex sound to it with only a few instrumental layers. I do think the melody is quite good too, but I'm not too keen on neither the vocals nor the rapping in it. Even the team's main vocalists sound a bit rough around the edges and although I like the fact that Yugyeom gets many lines he seriously shouldn't be getting that many because it doesn't sound too great all of the time.

GOT7 - Just Right
The tempo picks up a bit with the following track "Nice" and it's very reminiscent to some of their earlier, more "hip-hop" influenced tracks. I say "hip-hop" because it's this group's interpretation of the genre with the help of their composers. Let me just say that this is a sound I do not like this group doing, mainly because it sounds a bit tacky and a bit too stereotypical and because this group isn't a hip-hop group. Their rappers are average at most and they sound much better with a more classic pop-sound that they've also got going on. Anyhow the track isn't the most cringe-worthy I've heard them do, but there are definitely parts that make my ears curl up a bit. The lyrics too are quite ordinary, which doesn't really help the generic feeling the song gives off.

The next song isn't much better in that aspect either, but it at least has a decent chorus to it. "Mine" starts off with a pretty heavy rap-based verse but then the chorus is more pop than anything, having quite a distinct beat and a pretty catchy melody. I especially like the "oh oh oh" parts followed by the "You're mine, you're mine, you're mine" which I think make a nice contrast to each other. Overall I could see myself getting into the track even though I dislike the rapping, because the rest of the song more or less makes up for it. However I cannot handle the lyrics which I think are really problematic. The members take on the role of the jealous boyfriend who's not having any of the stares or looks his girlfriend's receiving. I think it's fine to feel a sting of jealousy but Got7 are seriously taking it to the next level in this song. They are possessive to the point where I feel it's almost aggressive and harmful, and literally ask her to hide inside their arms so that no one else can even see her. Yeah, I'm not feeling you here guys.

GOT7 - Just Right
The mini closes with "Back To Me" which I have kind of a love-hate relationship with at this point. It's definitely a bright, lively song with more pop-tendencies which is good, and it's the kind of song I think Got7 should be doing more of. I also really like the melody and and the funky instrumental, with quirky-sounding synths being the main driving force of it. Furthermore I think the chorus is great and the "Back, back, back to me" hook is really well done, as it certainly sticks on your mind.

However I was really cringing when I first heard it and before I had gotten used to it, because some of the vocal work is awful. None of the members are good enough to possess the title of "power vocal", but even their best one, Youngjae, sounds pretty sour when he sings the highest notes (which aren't even that high). Yugyeom also hits some off-key notes when its his part in the bridge, and I'm actually kind of shocked he even got to do that part because it doesn't sound even decent. The only saving grace of this track vocally is Junior, who sounds lovely, and I don't mind the rapping either, but that's probably because it's not the main focus of the track.

GOT7 - Just Right
To be honest I did feel a bit underwhelmed when I first listened to the album, but as I gave it more tries I liked it more and more. There are a few good songs on there, and unlike their other albums where were like one or two brilliant tracks and the rest were kind of bad this one has a much more balanced song quality to it. I'm not sure however whether that is to prefer, because although none of the tracks on this one are horrible, there is also no song that I think is truly worth putting on my playlist.

I sadly feel like this group is still very unpolished in basically all areas except the performing aspect, and it doesn't help with the songs they're given either. I'm probably exaggerating but most of the song on "Just Right" are plain and basic to the point where I feel like I could have put together the beats and synths by myself in some budget producing-program. Their sound may be like that but I would like something more distinct and complex, and JYP seriously need to invest in some vocal and rapping lessons for the boys.

I wanted to like this mini more than I do because I love the members, but they're making it so hard for me. "Just Right" isn't a bad album per se, but it's awfully generic and holds at most an average quality. I don't know if their company is saving up all their money for Twice's debut but this is not what Got7 should be releasing if they want more fans and recognition.

Highlights: "Just Right", "Before The Full Moon Rises"
Score: 3,2/5

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