Aug 7, 2015

Princess Sulli Officially Leaves f(x)

Can't say it's much of a surprise really, but hearing that now, a year after her hiatus from the group, Sulli is officially leaving f(x) to focus on her career as an actress makes me sad anyway. It's been obvious for some time now that Sulli wasn't wholeheartedly enjoying herself as a singer, and for the least few years of f(x) promotions she was getting lazier and lazier and less and less enthusiastic. She was over it, and because of that I do think it's actually for the better that she's leaving the group. If she's not going to put effort in and if it's making her unhappy it's certainly better for everyone if f(x) now continues as a four-member group.

What will be of the group now? Well, my wish is that they'll keep on going as four and come back with an awesome album to prove they've still got it, which I know they do. My only worry is that their contracts will end next year and I'm not sure they'll all want to renew it. Keeping in mind how horribly f(x) has been treated by SM it wouldn't surprise me if they all called it the quits, and I would have to understand them if they did so. If not I'm hoping with all my heart that SM can treat them better and give them what they've been so deserving of: an official fan-club, a solo concert and just some freaking respect. I don't know whether Sulli's departure will benefit them or not in that sense, but I wish for both parts to see a positive outcome.

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