Sep 14, 2015

"Roll Deep" Is Three And A Half Minutes Of Hyuna Looking Hot, And I'm Perfectly Fine With That

If you haven't converted into a Hyuna fan by now, I really don't know what you're doing with your life. Since her style is as "controversial" as it is it's far easier to just love her rather than being annoyed by her image, because you spare yourself so much energy realizing that she is who she is and won't change her brand for anything. I personally think she's a great role model in that sense, as she's spoken up multiple times about how she's honestly enjoying her sexy concepts and want to empower other women in feeling the same way about themselves. You go girl!

After almost a year since her last solo comeback with the amazing "Red", Hyuna is back with another sexy song and video and I am ready to worship everything about it.

As far as the song, "Roll Deep" goes I have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed. I like the groovy beat and the chorus is catchy, but overall it's a bit weak for a title track, I think. The instrumental is very hip-hop like with a strong drum beat and a few synth layers, but overall it's a bit too sparse for my taste. I think I would have liked something more powerful for a title track, but for being a hip-hop tune it's definitely not better nor worse than many other in the genre.

[OFFICIAL] Hyuna – Concept Photo For ‘A+’ 1853x2467The lyrics however I do like, and very much so actually. The entire song is basically Hyuna apologetically rapping about her empowered self and letting all the haters know that she's not taking any of their crap. She knows she's good and she's hot, and that if anything people are jealous of her and her success. It's the right amount of cockiness and self-awareness as well as an attitude of not letting haters get to her that makes the lyrics so enjoyable, and it's true what she says as well. You should always be yourself and never apologize for that person, and that's exactly what she's doing in this video. In fact she makes it very clear what kind of artist she wants to be known as.

The video is, well, what it is. Although the MV for "Red" will always be on top of my list because of it's flawless aesthetic appeal and perfect combination of quirky and sexy, this one is fine too being what it is. There's not much going on apart from Hyuna looking hot in various outfits on various sets, some dancing and a feature from labelmate Ilhoon of BtoB (who by the way easily couldn't have been there and it wouldn't have made a difference). S

[OFFICIAL] Hyuna – Concept Photo For ‘A+’ 1500x2238he's rocking every scene she's in, but that's not exactly news. It's well known that Hyuna's main strength is her ability to completely captivate the viewer with her alluring performances and hypnotic gazes. This video focuses mainly on that, and while I would have liked a MV with a bit more substance I'm honestly completely OK with staring at her hot self for three and a half minutes.

The aesthetic value of this video is, like with "Red" but in a lower grade, pretty darn cool. The color palette is entirely different though, as there are more pastel colors but in a a bluer, paler filter. The saturation is pretty high as well, but it's less warm than many of the other summer videos because of the blue hue and bright exposure. There are a variety of sets too to complement the color editing, and some of them mix pastel and neon colors in a pretty cool way. Anyhow the result is still a very vibrant video, but it does stand out from the rest of this year's summer MV's which I think is good.

I have to get into the styling of Hyuna in the video as well, because I think it's just brilliant. No, I still think she looks best in jet black hair (can you tell I haven't gotten over "Red" yet?), but this blonde shade she's sporting looks awesome as well. She's been blonde before but it was a long time ago and a different shade too, and back then I didn't like it very much. Now however I want her to be blonde forever, and unlike many other Asians with light hair it actually looks very natural and not at all yellow.

[OFFICIAL] Hyuna – Concept Photo For ‘A+’ 1500x2238
But, we need to discuss her bright-colored hair in the beginning of the video as we walks down a corridor with nothing but a white shirt and black underwear on. If that was her permanent look for this comeback I would have liked it about a thousand times more. The mixture of blue and green looked so cool and so bad-ass on her, and worked perfectly with the color palette of the video too. Furthermore her outfits need to be addressed, because I love all of them. There are quite a few different styles thrown in there, but she makes them look amazing and I especially love the odd hairstyles she's wearing as well, such as the mini-buns and the pigtails. And not to mention the braids; seriously, how does someone look this good?

One thing I was a bit more disappointed by though was the choreography. There aren't many impressive or original moves in it, and while she can work her body like no one else some parts even look awkward. The twerking bits I can handle in moderation but I overall thought there was way more booty-shaking than actual dancing, and it sucks because she is a very capable dancer, unlike what many people may think. It sucks that they give her choreography that's so under her level, but I guess she does have a brand to uphold after all. At least I'm happy that 4Minute has more unique and challenging choreo so she can show her actual skills somewhere.
[OFFICIAL] Hyuna – Concept Photo For ‘A+’ 3649x5444
As a whole comeback I have to confess that it didn't impress my as much as last years', both song and video-wise, but it doesn't make it all bad. The video is still very enjoyable and I genuinely liked the lyrics for the song, and I always appreciate seeing Hyuna doing what she does best: perform. The girl can literally do anything and it will still look amazing, because that's just who she is and she's not sorry about it. I hope she will continue staying true to herself and not letting the hate get to her, and I know I will support her no matter what she may put out.

Song: 2,75/5
Video: 3,5/5

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