Sep 28, 2015

Thus Begins The Third And Final Season of "Hormones"

How I have been waiting for this day to arrive. This saturday the first episode of the the third season of "Hormones" aired in Thailand, and finally we get to meet all the new characters of this wonderful show's last ever season. I don't know for what reason they've decided to call it the quits but I'm happy we at least get one last chance to join the teenagers of the fictional Nadao Bangkok Collage.

Like I said the characters for this season are not the same as the previous ones, and I feel both sad and happy because of it. All the main characters of season one and two (with the exception of two) graduated in the series finale of last season, so it's natural for them not to be the focus of the show anymore since they all were going to study in different universities and so on.

However it's also extremely sad because I had grown attached to them like crazy, and had gotten ridiculously invested in their separate stories. I love all the characters, their flaws and their genuinity, but that's a fit description for the entire series as well. "Hormones" managed to stir up so many emotions and thoughts within me, and much of that was thanks to the cast and the actors, so of course I'm sad to see them go.

While I did like season two there were some parts of it that I liked less. In comparison I liked the first season a lot more, but I do think that everything worked out pretty much as I had hoped in the end anyhow. The ending was left very open and with a lot of room for the viewer to make their own assumptions, but there were some hints as to what couples would get together eventually.

In my opinion (or wishful thinking, perhaps) Toei and Tar finally get together which was definitely hinted at in the final episode, as do Sprite and Phai. Win and Kwan, whom I wanted to see together so badly, are an option as well since Kwan broke up with Mhog after too long of a time. Let's be real; it was so obvious she didn't like him as he liked her and I was just waiting for her to finally dump him so she could be with Win, whom it was obvious she cared for.

As for Phu and Thee I'm not sure, but they ended on good terms and you could easily tell that they still cared for each other a great deal, so one can only hope they'll somehow find their way back to each other someday. As you most likely have noticed by now this show has done a great job in building up realistic relationships between the characters because of how much I rooted for mentioned couples, and it makes me so happy that at least some of them were semi-confirmed to get together in the final episode.

Now I mentioned that two of the last season's main characters didn't graduate, and that's because they were one year younger than the rest. Dao and Koi's relationship that grew from friendship into something more romantic was one of the season two's highlights, as the show then tackled both male and female homosexuality and love.

Their storyline was probably the one that I personally liked the most, but it didn't exactly end in the best way possible. That's why it's so awesome that they're coming back for the new season and are bringing some of their same-age classmates along with them. I know straight away that I will be rooting for them 100% this season as well, and hopefully the producers and directors won't screw us over and give them their well-deserved happy ending.

In the second season an additional few younger characters were introduced as well, and little did I know that they would be the ones starring as main characters along with Dao and Koi in this last season. This was very cleverly done because now the audience already know a few of them going into this otherwise brand new cast. First there was Non, who became friends with Thee and whom the latter grew to fall in love with, however with unrequited feelings. Then there was Tar's new girlfriend KanomPang, who also was Pop's little sister, and her best friend Oil who secretly managed a fake Sprite Facebook account. Lastly we were introduced to Jane, who Win befriended in the US, Sun, the new singer of Seescape, and Phu's younger brother Phao. Additionally for this new season we meet never before seen faces; ZomZom, Mali, Pala, First, Net, Ter, Boss, Robot and Jelly.

To kick the new season off I've been watching "Frozen Hormones", a behind-the-scenes series in which the cast of the show (both new and old) go on a trip to Japan together, form teams and compete in various missions. It's been a real treat as a fan to watch the cast engage with each other, play around and have fun, and it's also been a great opportunity for me to learn more about the new faces I will be seeing.

I definitely feel like I know the cast better and by that I also feel more comfortable with having all new people step into the show and replace the old cast. However since the now graduated cast are in "Frozen Hormones" I must assume that they will at least make a couple of cameo appearances throughout this last season, or at least I hope so. I know anyhow that I would want to know what's going on in their lives after they graduated and generally see that they're well and happy.

This post definitely became quite a bit longer than I had thought it would be, but on the other hand I'm not surprised because I have an endless amount of things to say about this show. "Hormones" is a series I never thought would mean so much to me, and it's a miracle I even came to know of its existence. What would my life have been had I not seen this brilliant TV-show? I honestly don't want to know. It's fair to say that it's one of my absolute favorite shows period, and I am just ridiculously excited for this new season to start. I will be a mess when it ends and I have to realize that it's all over, but hopefully the journey will be worth it. Season 3; here we go!

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