Sep 20, 2015

Video of the Week #11

GFriend & Nine Muses On Picnic Live

Seeing GFriend without their intense and impressive dancing is a bit unusual, but they are allowed to showcase their live vocals better here, accompanied by a live band. "Under The Sky" is one of my favorite songs on their latest mini album, and they all sound lovely. Eunha especially gets a chance to prove that she is, too, a great singer as it's usually only Yuju who receives credit for her skills.

My favorite eight ladies of Nine Muses join Picnic Live for the second (I think) time and this time they perform two songs from their latest album release as well. "Hurt Locker" was one this summer's best tracks and this live performance is nothing less but amazing. This group has a set of well equipped vocalists and they all sound wonderful here.

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