Nov 29, 2015

2015 MAMA Wishes And Predictions: PART 2

2015 MAMA to Return to Hong Kong on December 2

It's here! The second part of my  2015 pre-MAMA series, which also means it's the last one before the show...I think. It's only a few days until the show now, which will be held on December 2 in Hong Kong. The Melon Music Awards aka MMA have already been held, and thus it means that the award season has begun which I think is super exciting. I have learnt through the years not to care so much about these kind of award shows because they very rarely reflect the actual quality of K-pop, and that applies especially much to MAMA. I just enjoy the messiness and chaos that surrounds it, and watching fans freak out and go crazy over results is very entertaining. Of course that doesn't mean that I don't care about the results at all, because otherwise I wouldn't be making this post right?

Best Band Performance:
- CNBlue, FTISLAND, Hyukoh, Nell, Jung Joon Young Band

Now this is a category I'm excited about, because it's not a genre that's as mainstream as any of the others. Of course we have nominees that are more or less mainstream, like CNBlue and FTISLAND who both hail from FNC Entertainment but have proven to be just as real bands as any of the others (especially in Japan). I don't however think any of them will win, or at least I hope not because neither of them have done specifically well this year outside of their own fandom.

Yes, they do have those fandoms to give them votes but votes aren't everything although it does matter a lot. I know very little of Jung Joon Young Band apart from Jung Joon Young himself, and although I love Nell they haven't been very active this year apart from one digital single. In my eyes there's only one band who's deserving of the title "Best Band Performance". Hyukoh have gone from being a relatively unknown indie band to a national success story, especially with their participation in this year's Infinity Challenge Festival. They have some of the best music I've heard this year and with two number one singles I don't see how they can't win this award unless the results are based entirely on fan voting. Please Mnet, give this group the award they are deserving of!

Best Rap Performance:
- Gary, San E, Mad Clown, Dok2, Jay Park

I don't write a lot about rap music and hip hop on this blog for one simple reason: I don't follow the genre. Because of this I can't say much about this category, and it really doesn't matter to me who wins either. From what I've read and seen Gary's new album that was released this year was a huge success and sold really well, so its's possible that he might take it, but Mad Clown's single "Fire" did incredibly well as did "Two Lovers" so he's definitely a strong contender as well.

San E has apparently had a number one single as well so he's not out of the contest but the buzz around him hasn't been as apparent as with the other two so I think he's less likely to win. My final conclusion is that Gary or Mad Clown will win, but I honestly can't say for sure.

Best Collaboration & Unit:
- Crush & Zion. T, Bastarz, Vixx LR, Infinite-H, Soyou & Kwon Jung Yeol

I find it interesting that there's one category that includes both units and collaborations because those are two very different things, but I can understand that they didn't see it necessary to have two separate categories. Anyhow I actual hope the sub-units won't win because those are a way for their company to make money and not for two different artists to come together and make music, and I like both Infinite-H and Vixx LR. The two actual collaborations on the list are the only ones I want to see win this category, to be honest.

SISTAR’s Soyu and 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol Bring You Healing in “Lean On Me” MVMy personal preference is Soyou and Kwon Jung Yeol's beautiful duet "Lean On Me", because although Crush and Zion.T are amazing at what they do I didn't like the song as much, but that's because I'm not a huge R&B fan. Both songs did well on the charts so it's a bit of a toss-up between them who's more likely to win, but ultimately I have a hard time predicting whether they actual have a chance against the fandoms of Infinite, Block B and Vixx. All of their units sold well too in terms of albums, so who knows what the outcome might be for this one.

Best Male/Female Vocal Performance:
- Zion.T, SG Wannabe, Kyuhyun, Im Chang Jung, Huh Gak
- Taeyeon, Ailee, Baek Ah Yeon, Davichi, Mamamoo

mamamooHow awesome wouldn't it be if Mamamoo won this category, as they're the only idol group nominated and rightfully so? I doubt it will happen but it would be amazing. I think that here as well Taeyeon has a pretty big shot at winning because people are crazy over her vocals (which I find overrated but beautiful nonetheless) and her solo album has done incredibly well too, so yeah, she'll probably win.

Although I would love to see either Ailee, Baek Ah Yeon or Davichi take the grand prize too because they're all talented in their own ways. Davichi are always consistent with their vocals and Ailee is just a powerhouse, but my heart definitely beats more for Baek Ah Yeon, who's the underdog in this field. Her song "Shouldn't Have" was a great success for her and took her somewhat out of the unknown territory, but sadly I do think she's got a long way to go before she might win an award among nominees like these ones.

As for the males I'm less opinionated because I don't really stan any of the nominees nor do I severely dislike any of them either. Again it's possible that Kyuhyun might win because he's got both the fans and the sales, but Im Chang Jung has been in the top ten on the charts for months now with "Love Again".

For that reason alone I want him to win, because that would be the ultimate slap in the face for all Kyuhyun's fans. A middle aged man snatching the win right before their eyes would be hilarious to watch. But seriously though it would be great, and Zion.T is here as well a strong contender as well as SG Wannabe. Still I'm sure Kyuhyun will take it, but I'm always on the lookout for unexpected winners.

Best Male/Female Group Dance Performance:
- Big Bang, SHINee, Got7, Infinite, Vixx, EXO
- AOA, 4Minute, Exid, Girl's Day, Sistar, Red Velvet

First of all; why on earth are Big Bang nominated for a dance performance award? That doesn't even make sense! Everyone knows that Big Bang isn't dancing group and rarely have even remotely interesting choreography. Whoever picked the nominees must've been seriously biased. If anything BTS should have been on the list instead, because they sure have hard and complex routines and have become known because of it as well. This honestly is very confusing. Out of the groups that do dance that are nominated I have to cast my vote on Got7.

Park Jin Young Praises GOT7′s Ability to Pull Off “If You Do” ChoreographyAlthough I love Infinite, Vixx and SHINee's dancing normally, the routines they're nominated for ("Bad", "Love Equation" and "View") are way below their actual competence level so it makes it hard for me to root for them. "If You Do" on the other hand was a huge step up for Got7, so they are the most deserving in my opinion. However since EXO are nominated they will likely win instead, unfortunately.

As for the girls I'm quite disappointed with the nominees as well. How can GFriend not be on that list with the two amazing choreographies they've performed this year? I can't wrap my head around it. The only two routines I see even barely worthy of this award is Red Velvet's "Ice Cream Cake" and 4Minute's "Crazy". However I do like the choreo for "Dumb Dumb" much more and I think that one should have been nominated instead, but either way my heart definitely goes out to 4Minute. "Crazy" was all kinds of amazing and I'm ashamed it wasn't nominated for anything else, but I doubt they will even win this category. As for who will win I'm not sure, because none of the other ones really impressed me that much and all of them seem to be kind of on the same level as well.

Best Solo Dance Performance:
- Amber, Niel, JYP, Gain, Hyuna

This category seems slightly overkill to me, because it feels like they just took whoever danced and had a solo release and threw them on the list. Most solo artists don't dance as much because it's generally more vocally focused, but apparently enough do for them to have their very own category.

 I can't really pick one I want to win that badly, but the only one I can kind of justify winning is Gain. I mean Hyuna can hold her own and be sexy enough, but Gain's just on another plane. I can't really see either Niel or JYP winning, and I really don't want Amber to win either even though I really like her. Yeah, this category is a bit stupid but hopefully Gain takes it, otherwise at least give it to Hyuna.

Now you might all notice that one essential category is missing and you are very correct in that. "Album of the year" isn't a category in which you can vote, apparently, but that does make it more interesting to see who will win if the fans have nothing to say about it. Or at least not yet. My prediction is still that EXO will take it because their albums sell like crazy and they have won for two years in a row, but hopefully some other album of higher quality will take it. Personally I would love to see Wonder Girls snatch it with their godly comeback album "Reboot", or even f(x) with "4 Walls".

With only a few more days until the ceremony and the attendance line-up released it's getting more and more exciting and nerve-wrecking for the eager fans and the nominated groups. Personally I'm quite disappointed with the line-up (where are the girl groups?) and I'm actually considering not watching it because of Mnet's horrible bias (I'm like 120% sure Big Bang will get a 20 minute spot among other things) but I'll have to follow it in some way. Are you guys planning on watching the show? What are you looking forward to?

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