Jan 11, 2016

Dal Shabet Scores The First Comeback Of 2016 With "Someone Like U"

2016 year will be the year of rising girl groups; or at least I hope so considering other, slightly older yet still struggling groups like Fiestar gaining momentum during the latter half of 2015 and Exid skyrocketing to fame , as well as with other newer girl groups making impressive debuts. There are so many girl groups that are deserving of fame and success, with groups like Nine Muses (who debuted in 2010) and Rainbow (in 2009!) who are still barely keeping it together, and Dal Shabet debuted way back in 2011 and have yet to hit it big. Recently the group went through some member changes, perhaps because of their lack of success, as Jiyool and Gaeun left the group. Now it consists of Serri, Ahyoung, Subin and Wohee, and with this comeback they've returned to a familiar sound. I don't know if it's enough to change their career completely but I know for sure they're onto something great with "Someone Like U".

What you might not know, and might not even be able to tell judging by the sound of this song, is that Brave Brothers produced it. I myself felt inclined to give this comeback a pass only because of that, as you all know how I feel about him, but this song sounds very different from what he usually does, and thank the heavens for that. I'm not an expert on Dal Shabet as I only know their title tracks and that barely, but even I could tell that "Joker" last year didn't quite fit the idea that I had of them and their image (despite them switching to a sexier one over the years). Dal Shabet debuted with a cute, fun and definitely quite eccentric concept, and it wasn't until "B.B.B" in 2014 that they truly went all out with the sexiness, combined with a retro, 80's-inspired pop sound that I personally really liked. With this comeback they've kind of gone back to that, or more so a combination of all of their previous releases, and the outcome is way beyond my expectations.

"Someone Like U" has got that 80's thing going on too, with the synths and drums sounding especially retro, and it's a genuinely good pop track. I personally like it even better than "B.B.B" (which until now remained their best title track), and I definitely think this is the kind of music this group should be releasing. As for the video, and general concept I guess, they've kind of combined a lot of elements from their earlier stuff and found some kind of middle ground in terms of sexiness, playfulness and lightheartedness. It's not as sexy as "B.B.B" (though I really liked those outfits) but still sexier than their debut material, and it's not as cute and colorful as it was back then but the video is still fun and easygoing. Conceptually this comeback falls right into the middle, and with such a great song that has a sound that fits them I couldn't ask for anything else.

As for the video; it's good, but it's not anything too amazing. It's more on the low-budget side but it's still a pretty decent K-pop video, and since I have promised myself not too be as harsh in 2016 when it comes to releases (generally to lower my expectations and enjoy everything a bit more, I guess) I honestly don't mind. The fact that the song is great definitely makes it easier to get into the MV as well.

The premise is that the members of Dal Shabet find out that they've all been going out with the same guy, and decide to team up and plot a revenge mission to get back at him. The lyrics for the song are just awesome, as they sing about how they wish nothing more than for this lying, cheating piece of trash to meet and fall in love with someone just like himself, so he gets to taste his own medicine. Being someone who loves when girls come together to expose a guy who's been an jerk this song and video makes me both happy and pumped to go kick some butt myself.

They start out by coming up with a plan, and thereafter head for the gym to get in shape which results in some sexy, slow-motion shots of the girls in tight workout gear (not that I'm complaining, they look gorgeous). Once they've powered up and are fit for fight they head out to the club in classy ball gowns, carrying pink guns, and bust the doors open to find their victim. They surround him as he sits with two other women (!) but instead of firing shots they fire confetti, and the girls all hit the dance floor instead to have fun, leaving him confused and humiliated. The moral of the story is that some guys aren't even worth the effort of an actual revenge.

Like I said before the quality of the video isn't top notch, as the sets are bland and most likely recycled and the lower production value does sipper through, but that I really don't care too much about because I love the story and the powerful message of the MV. What I will complain about though is the styling, because the outfits the girls wear for the dance scenes (which are the ones I'm sure they'll be wearing during the live stages) aren't very special at all. Especially with the song having such a retro vibe more could have been done with the clothing to make the girls look fancier, because those outfits are horribly plain and unoriginal. The choreography as well is disappointing, because apart from the point move (the chest rolls, or whatever you want to call them) there isn't anything that stands out. I definitely think these girls are better dancers than what this routine allows them to show, and that's unfortunate.

However no matter how much I would have wanted those two aspects of this comeback to be better (because then they would've been at the same level of everything else), I can't bring myself to dislike it at all. I don't know if it's because of the song, the storyline or perhaps Serri's awesome rap but Dal Shabet is really selling this comeback to me. I think they all look gorgeous and exude great charisma and stage presence, and although two members are missing since their previous comeback you don't really feel like anything's missing at all. I doubt this will be Dal Shabet's breakout hit, unless a fancam of theirs suddenly goes viral or their company pulls out all their stunts, but for being the first comeback 2016 and Dal Shabet's first comeback as four members I'm very pleased anyway.

Song: 3,75/5
Video: 3,25/5

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