Jan 1, 2016

SNS Friday #11 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A Pink wishes fans a happy new year!

Ett foto publicerat av KEY (@bumkeyk)

A picture of SHINee captured in their truest natural state. I love these boys.

The lovely ladies of GFriend are all smiles in their pretty red carpet dresses.

Underrated princess Jei is never not looking beautiful.

Ett foto publicerat av KYUM (@yu_gyeom)

Best friends and 97-liners Yugyeom and Bambam celebrate becoming adults in 2016.

Mamamoo celebrate the new year by engaging in fierce posing.

BTS (sans an injured Rap Monster) are excited about the new year.

The goddess herself, Moon Hyunah, sends out positive thoughts for the coming year.

Ett foto publicerat av KSY (@w_n_r00)

Seungyoon plays with the light in this gorgeous selca. Only 10 days left until the comeback now!

Ett foto publicerat av @yoona__lim

Yoona looks like an angel in an equally stunning winterland.

Ravi poses with his 93-line freinds, Taemin and Kai.

The ever so spectacular Luna looks prettier than ever.

Baro and CNU look handsome in suits as they welcome 2016.

Yup, here's another photo of Yubin looking hot. You're welcome!

The ladies of 4Minute say hi from their waiting room.

My eternal favorite Seohyun says "happy new year" to fans with a loyal salute.

The boys, or should I say men, of 2PM take a group picture to celebrate the new year.

IU and Sulli show off their close friendship in this visually flawless selca.

Vixx are hotter than ever in their stage outfits for the year-end festivals.

Last but not least, the beautiful Oh My Girl also wishes everyone a very happy 2016!

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