Feb 7, 2016

Song(s) of the Week #60

B-sides from CNBlue's latest Japanese album "Colors" - "Irony", "Daisy" And "Hold Me"

I really wanted to share these songs with you all, but I thought it would be a bit too repetitive to have three "Song of the Week"'s in a row with only CNBlue so instead I put them all together in one post. As you may or may not remember I wasn't a huge fan of their latest Korean album and was wondering if this group was heading in a bad direction with their music, but I actually really like this Japanese album and wish it would have been released and promoted in Korea instead. Sure, there are some songs on there that I like less (like with all of their albums), but overall I enjoyed it and these songs in particular are amazing. Especially "Hold Me" is fantastic, and might be one of my favorite CNBlue songs in a long while.

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