May 24, 2016

BTS And HYYH Come To And End With "Fire", "Young Forever" and "Save Me"

I can't believe the journey is coming to an end, because with the release of this special album BTS will be wrapping up their "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life" series. It has been almost exactly a year since the first part came out and the boys released "I Need U" which definitely changed my opinion of them for the better and turned me from a normal fan to a pretty hardcore fan. When the second part came out I understood even more clearly that what BTS had going on here was something special and beyond the ordinary, and it seemed like more people were agreeing with me because this group has gained a massive amount of new fans and public recognition only this past year. Now they are closing the circle with the release of "Young Forever", which includes not only the previously released songs but completely new ones as well as several remixes.

The first new song is "Fire", which is also the track they boys have been promoting for that one week they did promote on music shows. This is definitely more in tune with their other high-energy dance songs like "Dope" and "Silver Spoon (Baebsae)" and I find it very fascinating how they can pull off these kind of songs yet still release music that is a completely different genre and still make it all sound coherent. You can tell that this is BTS just as much as you can tell that "Butterfly" or "Boy In Luv" are BTS' products. I guess that says a lot about their skills as composers and their musicianship, and I do give lots of credit to especially the three rappers of the group who are always directly involved with the songwriting.

"Fire" is a very exciting song and at first I wasn't sure if I liked them doing a song like this, but as I listened more and more to it I grew to like it more and more as well. Not only the song itself but the members' enthusiasm, energy and passion is truly infectious and watching them have fun in this MV makes you appreciate the song better too. Now I definitely think "Fire" is one of their stronger promotional singles and showcases yet another musical side of this multidimensional group.

Like the song the video is also very exciting and a bit random and strange, like what you might have expected. The message of "Fire" is basically "screw the haters, do your own thing" and that translates very well onto the MV as the members don't really seem to give a damn. They are careless, confident and couldn't be less bothered about what other people might think of them. The video does contain a lot of dancing and the choreography is, as usual, amazing, but there are also many shots of the members just messing around and letting loose. Naturally there are some pyrotechnics involved and it seems like everything's on fire at some point; a car, a bicycle and even a human being.

Many people expected that this comeback would finally provide all the answers to the highly ambiguous previous music videos for "I Need U" and "Run", but instead we got this which is completely unrelated to the other two. I think it was actually a wise decision to do so though, because now the mystery surrounding the story is kept intact and will keep people guessing. Instead "Fire" gives us BTS in their best form; rowdy, playful and extremely lovable.

The other new track that came with the special album was "Young Forever", which was pre-released out of literally nowhere on April 19th and surprised fans everywhere. This song is a really great summary of everything that "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life" has represented and is also a great representation of BTS image as artists and what their concept has been for the past year or so. The lyrics are incredibly personal and reflects their thoughts as growing musicians, idols and human beings as they wonder if they can't always be like this; young forever. As for making a statement this track hits the nail on the head and I'm once again in awe over their ability to convey these kind of emotions in words.

The video is basically a montage of scenes already seen in previous videos, together with newly shot scenes of the members wandering and running around in a maze. Rather than "Fire" I feel like this is the ending to the series that fans have been wanting, but I still don't entirely understand if it actually concludes anything. I'm sure that the editing has been done carefully and that the flashback scenes that are in it were chosen specifically for the continuation (or conclusion) of this story, but to me it doesn't answer much. I'm sure fans have made up even more theories now that this is out too, but I actually don't really care so much whether it's resolved properly or not. What this video does do though is convey emotion, and I think that above all touching the audience is what's most important and with this song and MV the boys of BTS have definitely succeeded in doing so.

Finally the third and last new song is "Save Me", or like what other people have been saying: "that one song that sounds like a Justin Bieber song". I don't know how true this is since I don't really follow Justin Bieber's music but I can kind of sense a similarity based on the songs I have heard of off his latest album. Either way I think "Save Me" is a great track, but it took some time before it grew on me. Upon seeing the choreography I could appreciate it a lot more though, and once the MV for it was released I was definitely a fan of it.

Out of all their videos released in recent years this is probably the most simplistic one to date, but thanks to a film crew that knows what they're doing this low-budget MV is heaps better than many other more expensive video projects. The location chosen for the recording is perfect for the mood of the song, especially combined with the gloomy weather and the boys' simple yet fashionable outfits. There really isn't much more happening apart from them dancing and singing emotionally into the camera, but it works. I guess that's the charm of this group, that they can make almost anything work. However I am quite annoyed over the "Boy Meets..." at the very end of this video (as well as the MV for "Fire") because I understand that they have to keep fans interested and asking questions, but at this point it's so confusing I don't think even BigHit themselves know what they're doing.

Apart from these three new songs there are also some great remixes on this album, such as the Prologue Remix of "Butterfly", Urban Mix of "I Need U" and Ballad Mix of "Run". All of them managed to give new life to these already heard songs, as well as giving fans (including me) more versions of their favorite tracks . Additionally the album includes the full length versions of both "Love Is Not Over" and "House of Cards", and cannot tell you just how much I adore them.

Overall I feel like the only thing I have to say is how incredibly proud I am of this group and this series. "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life" has most certainly been career-changing for BTS and for me it as been equally as much of a game-changer. To round everything up with this special album release is quite honestly the cherry on top, and although I'm sad it's over I can't wait to see where they will go next. I also have to mention that I'm actually going to see BTS live in just a few weeks at KCON in Paris, so you can count on me being probably even a bigger fan after that, as impossible as it sounds.

Epilogue: Young Forever - 4/5
Fire - 3,9/5
Save Me - 3,7/5

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