Jul 4, 2016

NCT 127 Is Debuting And I'm Dying

So...this happened.

I don't even know where to start. How did this happen? Why am I feeling like a 13-year old school girl? I guess I didn't know just how invested I had gotten into this group prior to this, but now it's clear to me that I stan NCT, and not a little. I didn't expect at all to like the flagship unit NCT-U but they blew me away with the sheer talent of the members and two awesome songs, and then it all kind of went downhill from there as I started to learn more about the other SM Rookies too.

NCT 127 is the unit that is debuting in three days time, and it supposedly the Seoul unit and will promoting, I assume, mostly in South Korea. From what I've understood (since four out of six NCT-U members are in this unit as well) it seems like the U-unit is the core of NCT, the "main" members so to speak, and it seems like at least one of them will be present in ever other unit. It makes sense though as the U-unit contains the most versatile and (in my opinion) talented members both in rapping, dancing and singing. This whole project is still quite messy and confusing but it's also kind of fun to see what members will end up in which units (and how they will change later on as well), but most of all I'm looking forward to see what music they will put out because this concept is slaying my existence right now. 

Hurry up, July 7th!

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