Jul 21, 2016

Seventeen's Repackaged Comeback Is Indeed "Very Nice"

First of all I'm so sorry for being so MIA lately, and my excuse is that I've been incredibly busy both with work and activities outside of work a.k.a the very little free time I have. Last week is my last week at work so after that I promise I'll be more active. Anyhow; Seventeen made a comeback recently with a repackaged version of their first full album "Love Letter" (which I have yet to purchase) and promotional single "Very Nice". Since I was in South Korea when they made their "Pretty U" comeback I didn't get a chance to write nothing more than a short review, so I'm happy that this time I get to talk a bit about their new fantastic release.

This song was really confusing to me at first listen just because there is so much happening all at once, and it took a few listens just to get my head around the colorfulness and energy that it exudes. It starts off strong then slows back down and then the chorus hits with a hook so fun and energetic that you can't help but to get pulled into their excitement and mischievousness. All of their title tracks so far have been more on the gentle side of the spectrum, although with a lot of charm and playfulness, but this track is probably the most "naughty" single they've promoted so far.

Well, maybe that is the wrong word because it's still pretty PG, but they're definitely showing a more sexual side here yet still remaining perfectly age appropriate. I've always appreciated how their concept as a group is so natural to the members' personalities and characteristics, and also that they've never tried to act either older and more mature nor younger and more childish than what they actually can pull off.

I guess that's why they're so amazing to watch on stage (and in their videos) because not only are they confident and skilled to the max, but they are seemingly incredibly comfortable in what they do and how they present themselves. It was apparent with their "Pretty U" promotions but I feel like they're all truly having the time of their life with this comeback, but it could just be because "Very Nice" is just so much fun.

The video isn't anything particularly groundbreaking and the premise for it is the most simple; awkward teenage boys try to act suave in front of their crush but not completely succeeding in keeping their cool. The crush is played by one girl for all thirteen members (which is not uncommon) and I don't know if she's as uninterested as she looks (in that case they're all crushing on her for no good reason) or if she's just unsure and a bit awkward as well. Either way the boys do a good job acting out their feelings, both of excitement, awkwardness and a hint of lust as well. The fact that confetti shoots out of their chests as a symbol of all of the various feelings boiled up inside of them adds a unique twist to the MV and definitely makes if more original and interesting.

However this video cannot be discussed without mentioning the choreography, which is arguably one of my favorite routines of their so far. Seventeen have become known to me as stellar dancers and with fantastic choreographies (mostly made by member Hoshi), and this one is no exception. With this group you can always expect a high level of energy, synchronization and a tremendous amount of stage presence, and this one is no exception. It's theatrical and goofy and emotive, as all of theirs are to a certain extent, but this one is a lot more intense and also a lot more fun to watch compared to "Pretty U" (which was also great but in a different way). All of them look like they're having a blast and it definitely translates across the screen, and those hip thrusts are lethal.

Song: 4/5
Video: 3,9/5

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