Nov 25, 2016

Today's A Sad Day To Be A K-pop Fan

YG Entertainment came out with some news today. None of them too surprising but still heartbreaking. At least one of them had me feeling really upset. Seven years after their debut, 2ne1 is officially disbanding. Minzy left earlier this year and there seemed to be no hope for Park Bom after her smuggling scandal, so to say that I didn't' see it coming would be a lie. Still doesn't make it any less sad though, and despite me not being a huge fan of the group it's upsetting to see such a legendary and groundbreaking K-pop group throw in the towel. I'm positive however that their name and legacy will continue to live on for many more decades to come.

Contrary to 2ne1, who debuted in the "golden years" of K-pop around 2008-2009, Winner are also experiencing a loss in member Taehyun, and this is where my heart truly breaks. I know 2016 has been a horrible year in terms of disbandment and member losses but this I honestly didn't think would happen. I mean, considering Winner's strange hiatus, YG's statement about Taehyun's mental health issues and his own ambiguous instagram posts certainly made clear that something wasn't right, whatever that was.

YG has been treating Winner like shit, quite frankly, and although I can't say for sure what the relationship between the members was like it never seemed like they didn't get along with each other or didn't enjoy working together. I really want to blame YG for this and I'm sure the management of the group has played part in his decision to leave, but I don't know if we'll ever find out. It's said that Winner will stay as a four-member group but I have a hard time seeing how it will work considering that Taehyun was both one of the main vocalists and one of the main composers of the group's material. His absence will definitely not go unnoticed.

I want to say good luck to him and to the rest of the members, but I can't find the spirit to utter those words right now. All I can feel is sadness that one of the groups I rooted for the most had to come to a situation like this one. I'm sure everything will turn out ok somehow, but today is a day of sorrow, and thus I will continue to mourn for a little while longer.

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