Dec 31, 2016

10 Favorite Music Videos Of 2016

As the year of 2016 is coming to an end I'm left with conflicting feelings. This year has really been coming for 2014's title as the worst year in K-pop year ever with some of the best veteran K-pop groups like 2ne1Rainbow, Kara and 4Minute splitting up, members leaving groups and countless other scandals. Thus 2016 has also marked a change in the field as most of groups that are active are now from the newer generations, and it's quite strange to witness that transition. The players are completely different now compared to even three years ago, and although I like the new groups a lot I've been around long enough to be able to compare the music scene now to what it was back then. On the other hand I do think 2016 has provided us with good music from many different groups, and as usual I'm going to present my favorites of the year through different posts.

To make things more fair I've decided to only allow each group one entry per list, and that goes for all the other rankings for this year's favorites. Had I not some groups would have been quite over-represented because there is quite a gap between different companies and their conditions. So without further ado I give you my favorite music videos of 2016 in no particular order.

GFriend - Rough 

GFriend kicked 2016 off with a bang, as their song "Rough" killed the charts and remained in the first place for weeks without interruption. The video for the song was equally stunning with it's genuine and vulnerable portrayal of friendship and trust as well as growing up, growing apart and finding your way back to each other. "Navillera" was awesome as well,

NCT U - Without You

SM's new boy group project made everyone confused with it's concept of never-ending members and units, but one thing it didn't do was put out a less-than-stellar music video. One of the title tracks for NCT-U's debut, "Without You", had me feeling all sorts of ways when watching it along with the fantastic song. This too tells a story of love, friendship and adolescence with spectacular visuals, effects and camera work.

Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely

Wonder Girls truly found their way back to the Korean public's hearts this year with the release of reggae-inspired "Why So Lonely", and along with a amazing song the video was also a great follow-up to last year's great MV for "I Feel You". It has everything from a great story to fantastic use of sets and props as well as gorgeous visuals.

Winner - Baby Baby

One of the groups to suffer a member loss in 2016 was Winner whose lead vocalist and composer Taehyun is no longer with the group, and it was his contribution that made this release possible. "Baby Baby" is in itself a wonderful song but the video truly made it come to life in a completely different way. It's just astonishingly beautiful and touching.

Red Velvet - One Of These Nights

It was hard choosing my favorite between "One Of These Nights" and "Roussian Roulette" as Red Velvet's best video this year, but at the end it came down to which MV moved me the most, which seems to be a common theme in the video's I've picked for 2016. Although this comeback wasn't as successful the song and video are both gorgeous, with the MV being one of the most beautiful pieces I've seen in a long time.

Taemin - Press Your Number

With Taemin's solo comeback and the video for "Press Your Number" I felt that SM truly showed just how much they're capable of in terms of making music videos, as they've stepped up their game tremendously in just the last year or so. This MV really momentarily turned my world upside down with its fantastic storyline, visuals and production value.

Oh My Girl - Liar Liar

Oh My Girl had many great releases this year and although I liked the video for "Windy Day" it was clear that "Liar Liar" was the superior MV. I adore the concept, the camera work and editing as well as the sets, styling and plot. There wasn't really much I disliked about this video, to be honest, and I truly wish Oh My Girl could return to this style for next year.

Cosmic Girls - Secret

Starship makes a great move with the video for WJSN's first comeback "Secret". I adore everything about this MV; from the cosmic concept to the gorgeous scenery, visuals and element of mystique and space oddities. Compared to the lackluster debut this MV certainly suits their group name and gives them a new and improved image.

Monsta X - All In

Although the video for Monsta X's "All In" in itself wasn't perfect the impact it had on me was much greater. It made me confused but also curious, excited and intrigued, and marked a new era for this group. The story had me engaged from the start and the visuals were also beautiful and I'm starting that Starship must've hired a new creative director. Wise choice.

BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears

Last but not least we have everyone's favorite group of 2016 (me included); BTS, and in particular their comeback with "Blood Sweat & Tears". Although I'm not keen on the interlude in the middle of the MV as it kind of ruins the flow the rest of the video has very little to be criticized. Beautiful, thoughtful and extremely well-made sums it up pretty nicely.

Honorable mentions:

GFriend - Navillera
Red Velvet - Roussian Roulette
Winner - Sentimental
Twice - Cheer Up
Luna - Free Somebody
EXO - Lucky one
Astro - Breathless

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