Dec 29, 2016

The Answer To Pentagon's "Can You Feel It?" Is YES I CAN!!


I honestly feel quite horrible as I know the only reason I started paying more interest to Pentagon after their debut was because I thought they were good-looking and not because I particularly liked their debut track "Gorilla". I know I'm terribly shallow, but I think we're all kidding ourselves if we think visuals don't play a big part in our interest in K-pop. Let just say I love all the prettiness just as much as I love my favorite K-pop songs and albums. However I can proudly admit that I do genuinely like Pentagon's newest single "Can You Feel It?" and all the handsome visuals are just a bonus for this comeback.

I'm actually quite astonished how Cube has managed to scout all these pretty boys, because compared to some of their fellow debuters this year the visual level is extremely high with this group. It's well known that girl groups generally are more beautiful than their male counterparts as the guys can get by just fine if they have the talent and personality despite not being that handsome, so I'm naturally excited when 10 fine men like the boys of Pentagon show up on my screen. Like I said though for this comeback the visuals are actually only an added bonus because the song itself is a huge improvement from their debut and is an example of a song in this genre done right. It's sexy and powerful but with a catchy melody and great vocals and rapping.

The video isn't that great objectively, let's be honest, but I would be lying if I said I hadn't contributed to the view counter. It's a pretty standard box video with minimal props and effects, but I still think it's a better video than their debut MV. It's much cleaner and definitely feels classier and more mature, without the try-hardness of "Gorilla". I also enjoy the cinematography and choreography as well as the members' performances as they are pretty good at interacting with camera despite lack of experience. Naturally I enjoy seeing their faces in any way possible so I might be a bit biased towards this MV for that reason, but I do think it's a step up and a step in the right direction for them.

I absolutely can't wait to see what the future holds for this group; that is if Cube doesn't completely collapse in the near future which sadly isn't too improbable. I will keep my fingers crossed that they'll keep on going and that Cube will in some miraculous manner recover and give these boys the management they need. The potential, as showcased with this comeback, is huge and I hope it's taken care of properly. I at least will keep an eye open for them and their future ventures.

Song: 3,8/5
MV: 3,25/5

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