Jan 23, 2017

2017 Is Saved: Cosmic Girls Release "I Wish"

우주소녀_ WJSNs foto.

I did not expect to turn into a WJSN fan at all considering how indifferent I felt towards their debut, but their comeback with "Secret" last year certainly did the job. I grew to love the song and the MV was initially what pulled me in with its amazing aesthetics and space theme, and thankfully Starship realized that that direction was the right one to take. That's why with their new single "I Wish" they've created a MV with an even higher production value and an aesthetic that looks like nothing I've seen before.

There are quite a few similarities between this MV and the one for "Secret", although the two have quite different approaches. Both of them are absolutely stunning with gorgeous shooting locations, colors and effects, but "I Wish" is definitely brighter and more colorful which does suit the sweeter tone of the song. While "Secret" took its inspiration from the group's name "I Wish" doesn't have that same clear sense of direction in terms of a theme. However I do find that all the scenes are better connected to each other and the visual coherence is better as well. It makes for a more even video, so to say. As for what is actually going on in the video I really don't have a clue, but that's obviously the point and the charm of the MV.

우주소녀_ WJSNs foto.
Like with "Secret" the members are grouped up and have their own unique set and narrative, all of whom are kind of related by all these pop-up squares on a computer screen. I do find it interesting that in a video as fairy-like as this one that technology is incorporated to this extent, but I guess it's part of this other-dimension world this MV must take place in. The members' different scenes are also connected by this one single door that pops up as well as the heart-eyes emoji that appears throughout the video.

I don't know the exact symbolization of these but it's nice that there is some kind of connecting factor because everything else that happens seem to be completely random. There are unicorns, furry jackets and endless amounts of rainbows and I get definitely get behind this tumblr-esque aesthetic. It's random but with a purpose of being exactly that, which is a concept I enjoy and especially when done as beautifully as here. All of the members look gorgeous as well, but I am skeptical about the styling for this comeback. With a MV as kooky and fun as this one you'd expect clothes that match, but instead they've gone with the classic school uniforms, which is a trend that needs to go. I don't think it matches the song nor the concept and I feel like they could've done something a bit more exciting.

우주소녀_ WJSNs foto.
The choreography is also a slight let-down, as it seems the quality and complexity of their dance routines has decreased constantly since debut. Although "MoMoMo" was a dull song the choreography was fun and energetic with interesting formations, and while "Secret" wasn't as complicated it still had some pretty moves and definitely great formations. Being 13 members there are definitely a lot of things you can do to make it interesting, but this choreography is frankly quite boring. I know they can do a lot better in that department, in order to make the performances more enjoyable. Especially since the song, which is by all means good, doesn't hold quite the same power as their previous one.

Overall I've enjoyed this comeback as well, but perhaps not as much as their last one. "I Wish" is a cute song with a good melody and chorus and the MV is an amazing creation that has to be watched many times in order to take everything in. Sure, the choreography and styling could've been better but I'd still say it's a successful comeback for the girls.

Song: 3,7/5
MV: 4,2/5

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