Apr 20, 2017

Girl's Day Finally Return To K-Pop With "I'll Be Yours"

Girls Days foto.

It has been nearly two years since Girl's Day last released new music and that was with "Ring My Bell" in July of 2015. I actually don't remember much of the song but that might also be due to the fact that I never liked it and thought it was a big step down from their previous singles. Since then the girls have been focusing mostly on individual activities and tried their luck in various ventures, but now they've finally come back as one group with the sizzling and powerful "I'll Be Yours".

You realize how the current state of the market is like when you raise an eyebrow at a girl group doing a sexy, strong concept with a bold and confident tune, because most of the newer girl groups that currently dominate aren't doing that type of concept. I remember only a couple of years ago before the new wave of K-pop groups became the norm that this was the kind of concept everyone was doing in one way or another, but now the sexy trend has completely shifted. The most popular girl groups right now, like Twice, GFriend, Red Velvet and previously I.O.I haven't really gone down that route and the only girl group that does stand out is BlackPink but even they are doing more of a fierce and powerful concept rather than a sexy one. I  suppose because most of the new groups still have quite young members it makes sense but it's still fascinating how much the K-pop scene has changed compared to when Girl's Day latest came back.

Girls Days foto.I do however like that they're going for a sexy, confidant and womanly image as they are grown up women with a long career behind them. No one would doubt that they are confident in themselves after being active for so many years and of course no one would deny that they are incredibly sexy. The same goes with song "I'll Be Yours" which is loud, bombastic and powerful with the right amount of sexiness. Clearly inspired by jazz and swing music this sassy tune tells the story of a woman getting annoyed that the man she wants isn't confessing or speaking up about his feelings when he clearly wants her to. That's why they sing "I'll Be Yours" about a thousand times; they're all set to go if this guy would just quit the games and be upfront.

Obviously the lyrics are pretty straightforward and while they aren't spectacular in any way I'm always down with girl groups singing confidently and proudly and being the more active one in a relationship. Instead of falling into a passive role and being all "I don't know what to do" or "Does he like me?" they are the ones taking charge and asking the questions. It also helps that the members of Girl's Day definitely have the charisma and presence to pull it off and being a bit older in the industry means that they don't have to act naive or innocent but can instead push forward with this concept.

Girls Days foto.
The portrayal of the girls in the MV for "I'll Be Yours" is also shamelessly confident as they not only own their sexiness but are also in complete control in whatever situation they're in. It's definitely sexy and feminine, but contrasted well against the sets which are rougher and darker and generally more masculine. This also gives off an impression of the members being in a position of power as they are in control despite wearing dresses and heels. Sojin for example seems to be visiting a barber shop full of young men whom are clearly wrapped around her finger as only a rearrangement of her stocking causes them all to turn towards her. Same goes with Yura who's passionately playing the piano for her gasping audience of admirers and when the piano catches fire, and later also the audience, she doesn't bat an eyelash.

Minah has a similar experiences as she lives out her own Cinderella story but are instead giving her admirers different shoes instead of waiting for the right one to come along. This is to make them believe they have a chance with her but in the end she's just having a bit of fun and is most certainly the one calling the shots. Hyeri's scenes are probably my favorites though as she's watching a boxing match between two potential suitors dressed to the nines in a real princess dress and sharp heels. Although they're intensely fighting she doesn't seem to be even a little interested as if this occurrence is nothing she hasn't seen before. The best part however is at the end where she steps into the ring herself, stabs one of the guys' foot with her heel and then knocks him out. She's the real boss and she knows it.

Girls Days foto.The boxing scenes in general work really well with the music as the punches and kicks suit the intense, rocky vibe of the chorus, as well as the other girls' scenes match the jazzier vibe of the verses. A hefty part of the MV is however dancing sequences which is to be expected, but I am impressed by how the choreography has been shot and edited to add to the theme of the song. While watching the live performances the choreography is not that amazing (and I do think them dancing in super high heels hinders a more complex routine) but all the scenes in MV that features choreo makes it look really strong and powerful. All the girls are drop dead gorgeous and have amazing bodies and the choreography makes sure to show off their assets, as do the sexy outfits whom I'm still not sure if I like or not. Either way they are all killing it.

I also want to give a quick shout out to their accompanying mini album "Girl's Day Everyday #5" which has exceeded all my expectations. I definitely think this is their most mature release to date and features 6 brand new tracks that are all fantastic. I might even think the title track is one of my least favorites on it, which says a lot considering how banging "I'll Be Yours" is. Electronica pop track "Thirsty" is beautifully melancholic and "Love Again" is emotional and stripped down, but then you have trap-heavy power track "Don't Be Shy" as well as two stunning solos from Minah and Sojin. The album has everything I wanted and more and I'm really happy they're maturing in their music and are releasing songs that both match their image as well as the current music trends.

Girls Days foto.
I wasn't sure what to expect from this 2017 Girl's Day comeback since it has been so long since their last one and their last one failed to deliver, but "I'll Be Yours" has without a question made me want to be their fan once again. This comeback has been important for the group after their long hiatus and I do think this was exactly the comeback they needed to make to establish their image. They're showing that they are a sexy, confident and powerful girl group that are true veterans in the industry and know what they're doing. Let's just hope we won't have to wait as long until their next release.

Title Track: 4/5
MV: 3,9/5
Album: 4,25/5

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