Feb 11, 2014

February - The Month of Combacks

I've said this before, but literally everyone is coming back this February. I'm beginning to wonder what March will look like, because it feels like there will be none left by then. Already both BAP and Ga In have released albums and it's only 11 days in!

This is just a quick recap of what we're able to look forward to during the coming month, and my opinions of the material and concepts we'll see.

BTS - Boy In Luv (12th February)

The boys of Bangtan continue with their school themed concept, but this time they aren't rebelling against it. I just can't with these seven young men and their impossibly synchronized dances and handsome faces. The styling looks amazing, but then again I never could resist a guy in a uniform.

Ladies' Code - So Wonderful (13th February)

Ladies' Code is back...as dolls? This actually looks really creepy and interesting at the same time, and I feel like it could play out really well for them. These girls have had a great first year and are doing really well for being such a new group. I've been keeping an eye out for these ladies, and I look forward to seeing where this comeback will take them.

BtoB - Beep Beep (17th February)

So far no music video teaser, so I don't really have a good perception on what this will be like. It's car inspired, at least it seems so judging from the teaser pictures, but I'm not sure how it'll fit into a song. It's composed by Brave Brothers, who is just everywhere, and the styling looks boyish and casual. As long as it's not another Thriller, I'm happy. 

Sunmi - Full Moon (17th February)

Sunmi is back and ready to take over with her second solo release, and from the looks of it we're about to enter the supernatural world. All the teaser photos have been very dark and Gothic, and it seems she'll be taking on the role of a blood-thirsty vampire for this comeback. This song too, is composed by Brave Brothers, and I just think it's a bit strange that he has two songs coming out on the same day, but maybe it's just a coincidence.

Girls' Generation - Mr. Mr (19th February)

It seems like creepy is the way to go for girls this month, as Kpop queens SNSD are set to return once again to beat all your favorites. I really like this eerie looking nurse concept, and I wonder what they will do to that passed out guy. I'm sure they'll win everything everywhere, because anything with these 9 lovely women is bound to succeed.

CNBlue - Can't Stop 


Yeah, I've got nothing on this yet, but I love CNBlue so I'm sure I will like it. I do really appreciate that their company lets them have self composed songs as title tracks, because before I'm Sorry last year, none of them were. Honestly, these boys are incredibly talented musicians and both Jonghyun and Yonghwa possess some real songwriting skills, so I'm certain it'll be great. 

These are a few of my most anticipated comebacks this coming month, who do you look forward to?

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