Feb 26, 2014

The Strangest of Names - Groups

In honor of LOEN Entertainment changing their perfectly good name to the strangeness that is 1theK, I though this would be a good opportunity to take a look at some of the more questionable names in the Kpop world. This four-part segment will feature both group names*, fanclub names, song titles and names of individual members.
What names are so embarrassing that you are ashamed to even speak them out loud or introduce them to friends and family? What names make your hair stand up by sheer horror and make you want to wish you never heard them in the first place? Let's find out.

* I've chosen only to include newer groups, so classics like H.O.T and Trax do will not feature on this list.

Super Junior
I'm sure no one is surprised about this one. SM has had it fair shares of strange names, but Super Junior? What does that even mean? What's so super about being junior? It's just cringe-worthy, really.

I love you, but that name? There are quite a few names with terrible acronyms but Best Absolute Perfect makes it really hard to take the group seriously.

Topp Dogg
I could not believe my eyes when I read that a group would actually debut under this name. It's horrendous, absolutely dreadful.

Teen Top
Another age restricted name, which fitted them well at the time of their debut, because all the members were teenagers. However, people get older and soon enough all of them will be over 20 years old. The two youngest are already 19! Imagine if they continue on and in 5 years time will still be called teen top but will all be in their mid-twenties. That must be awkward.

Yeah, you're tiny and you want to make it your selling point, but the name does not sit well on the tongue. The G also supposedly stands for Giant, as in even though they're small, they're strong and powerful like giants. Well, not my favorite.

This just sounds a bit tacky, in my opinion. It's a combination of the words pure and pretty, but the name makes me think of other, less pleasant things.

GP Basic
Just having the word basic in the name makes me less interested. That's so harsh of the company, calling them basic, and it's not an efficient marketing tactic. What does the GP even stand for? I have no idea.

Honorable Mentions 
(This includes a majority of rookie groups because their names usually make no sense)
-Wonder Boyz

So, to sum this up...
Let's just say the names of the groups are not the reason I love Kpop. The sad thing is how neutralized I've become towards these names, because I hardly react anymore to any of them. They sound just normal in my ears, and that's just tragic.
What are your least favorite names of Kpop groups?

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