Apr 16, 2014

Can I have "Just One Day" With BTS, Please?

I wasn't going to do a review on this because it's a follow-up song, and I tend not to count those depending on how good they are, but when I watched the video I knew I had to anyway. I have written previously about my love for BTS and their latest mini-album, and it looks like that love will not fade anytime soon.

This video is a tad different from Boy In Luv, but it is so in the best possibly way. Their previous video release was for the most part, top notch, but there was some slight problems with the plot although everything else was pretty much perfect. Just One Day contains no plot at all, but this isn't a problem in any sense, it's actually very nice.

The premise of the video, as well as the execution, sets and props, are all very simple and minimal. It's basically taken place in only one set, and is made out of choreography shots and individual shots. Sounds like a very basic, standard Kpop video right? Well it is, but it also isn't.
The music is very calm, smooth and relaxing, and the video has the same type of feel. There are no flashy lights, glittery items or unrelated props to fill out any space, and it doesn't try to be cool or trendy either. It's the perfect gift for the the fans, who just want more snippets of the boys dancing, singing, rapping and looking beautiful while doing so.

The use of shadows is very clever, as well as the warmer tones of white almost reminiscent of a sun rising or setting, and it all helps giving the video a romantic, cozy feeling. The song itself is quite bittersweet, as the boys talk about how much they'd want to spend just one day with their loved one, and all the coupley things they would do if they had the time. As a big clock is being put on display, once again, with the help of shadowing, the theme is enhanced even further. The warm lightning is also meant to further point out the importance of just one day, as it could very much mean either a sunset or a sunrise, the beginning or the end of that special day. You can even see Jin putting his hand up in front of his eyes, covering them from the gazing sunlight.
There are also some scenes shot in a separate, dark room, with only one single light shining in from above as one of the boys (I think it's Jimin but I'm not certain) show their dancing and acrobatic skills all alone in an empty space. The song also mentions how they'd have to prioritize their careers as idols and how they're schedules won't allow any free time, so this could be a nice way of both incorporating some of that into the video as well as showcasing the members' skills.

And of course, who can talk about BTS without mentioning their choreography. As this video contains no plot, it allows more screentime for dancing which is always appreciative with this group. Although this is not nearly as intense or complicated as their previous routines, it shouldn't be either because if wouldn't fit the song at all. Incorporating the chairs as a main element must feel great for the members who are not so comfortable or confident dancing (looking at you Namjoon), but they are still used in an interesting and efficient way. Every single movement is planned in detail, and when it all comes together it looks so smooth. They stand up, sit down, switch positions and places and it all looks so fluid and natural. Some stand-out moments are Jungkook's solo dance because that boy can move, J-Hope's walk from one end to the other, the hand-interlocking move that was just so perfect, and Jin's part near the end where he gets a stand alone while the others perform the choreography sitting on the top of the chairs. I recommend watching the live performances of the song or even the dance practice for an even better look at this dance routine, because I can promise you will not be disappointed.

This video proves that a box concept can be successful, if it's done the right way. The overall impression I got was that it was a lovable, endearing and very well-executed effort. All the boys shine in their elements, and as a fan you can totally imagining them singing about you whilst staring so lovingly at the camera. The school-boy concept they've been doing variations of for their latest comebacks works great for a group with such a boyish charm to them, and since their average age is quite low it doesn't look weird or unnatural either.
Finally, I want to give their agency mad props for BTS' latest videos, as they have both been a great watch. This entire video is so laid-back, clean and classy, and compared to other box videos who tend to fall on the more over-the-top side of things, this is so refreshing to see.

Song: 3,85/5
MV: 4.25/5

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