Apr 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

In such joyful, sunny times as these (at least where I live when the sun finally came out today), it's heartbreaking to know that in Korea right now, hundreds of families and friends are missing a close one. The Ferry accident has shaken the country and for now, most broadcasting stations have halted all their dramas, music shows and entertainment programs in order to keep people updated on the accident instead. This means that some very anticipated comebacks have been delayed until an unknown date. Nearly 30 people have been confirmed dead and hundreds more are still missing, most of them high school students like myself. It's terrible to even begin to imagine what their families must be going through right now.

Still, there's not too much I can do here in little Sweden on the other side of the world else than sending my thoughts and wishes that more people will be rescued and brought to safety. I'll be doing this while having my Easter dinner with my family, and I hope you'll do the same. Cherish those moments, whether they involve your family, friends or loved one, because you never know what tomorrow will be like.

Have a wonderful Easter everybody, and remember to eat lots of eggs, chocolate and surround yourself with people you love.

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