Apr 12, 2014

Girl Crush Saturday - Nana

It was definitely time for something like this on my blog. And don't worry, I will do a male version soon enough!
I'm not sure if I'm going to post one of these every single Saturday, but maybe once in a while when there's not much else to write about.
So, for the first edition of Girl Crush Saturday I have decided to feature my ultimate female bias and one of my top biases regardless of gender. It's none other than After School's Nana. Or possibly Orange Caramel's Nana. Same thing.


I literally worship the ground she walks on, no kidding.


That body though. Not gonna lie, I would kill to have those legs.

Brown hair, blonde hair. Equal flawlessness.

Although the blonde hair was divine. Don't deny it.

Nana + Photoshoots = My death

I love you too!

Seriously though, Nana is amazing. I will literally watch anything with her no matter how ridiculous or boring it might be, and I have the same kind of love for her as I do with my male biases. She's been my bias for almost two years now and I have not yet had a single moment of regret. It was love at first sight, quite honestly, and I fell for her unique looks, her dorky personality and outstanding stage presence and charisma.
Chances are I won't feel nearly as passionate about any of the coming girls in this segment, but none of them are Nana, so what can you do?

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