Apr 10, 2014

Rate The Look - A Pink's "Mr Chu"

Korea's favorite innocent girls A Pink have returned with the glorious Mr. Chu and is currently killing it on the charts and will surely win some trophies during the following weeks as well. A Pink has a very specific sound and style and has carved themselves a nice little niche that only they can master. For this comeback, the girls look better than ever, and all I can do is just sit and stare in awe. 

Before anything else, why is it so hard to find good, individual shots of the members for this comeback? The ones where they were paired up two and two were so over-edited it barely looked like them, and the school uniform ones look like they were taken a long, long time ago. So I'll present to you some screenshots from the MV instead!


Chorong is one of the few people I like with bangs (although she looks good without them too), and I feel like she also has really become so much prettier since debut (although she was really pretty back then too). When she cut them last year it was like the had transformed into a different person, and I like both her current brown hair and the black color in the video. Short conclusion- Chorong can do no wrong!
Score: 8/10


Bomi has made very few changes in her look since "No No No", and I have very little complaints about that. Her hair is maybe a few shades lighter at the tops and the cut is slightly different but there are no big changes, but there wasn't really a need for a change either. She looks beautiful just like this.
Score: 8/10


Eunji, Eunji, Eunji. I love this girl with all my heart- she is talented, funny and beautiful on top of that. I am absolutely in love with her look for this comeback. The color is a bit lighter, the bangs are gone and the length is a bit shorter. She looks mature and sophisticated, and I think she looks the absolute best for this round of promotions.
Score: 10/10



Being the team's visual and all, it's hard to say she isn't pretty, because let's face it, she is. However, I've never taken any particular interest in her prior to this comeback, but I have to admit I find myself drawn to her this time around. I don't know if it's me that has changed or if she has just grown into her looks a bit more, or maybe it's just the concept that fits her really well.
Score: 9/10


Let's face it, Namjoo has always been the black sheep of the group, at least for the last two years. I blame it all on the bad styling she has been given ever since Hush two years ago. She is such a pretty girl but that short haircut with thick bangs did her no justice whatsoever. So you can image my happiness when I saw that for this promotional period, she has ditched that unflattering haircut for once and for all (at least I hope so). Thank you Cube!
Also, she looks gorgeous with her hair up!
Score: 8/10


It seems as if Eunji's lost bangs went straight to maknae Hayoung. I'm not hating it, but I'm not crazy about it either, as I definitely think she looks better without them. I also am not a huge fan of this haircut, as I think she suits darker colors the best. Even the blonde highlights she wore last year were better than this medium brown. She doesn't look bad in any way, but she has looked better.
Score: 7/10

Overall: 9/10

The styling for this comeback is so on point. The school-girl theme, the stunning pink dresses and the white 60's inspired ones with the knee-high socks all looked so good on them and fit the concept so well too. I have to say though, A Pink very rarely dresses badly. For being a "cute" girl group, they wear clothes that do not make them look like 10 year old children but rather young women. It's sweet and fresh but with a maturer twist, just like their image. When I first saw the video, I could not believe how good all the outfits looked on them and how flattering they were. Major points to Cube for always making these gorgeous girls look their best!

Overall Score:

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