May 17, 2014

Girl Crush Saturday - Krystal

While big sister Jessica has a huge female fanbase, I've always found little sister Krystal far more interesting. She is just amazingly pretty, talented in many areas and has a cute personality. People have been bashing on her for being "rude" and "two-faced" but she is just really shy as a person and isn't very good at showing emotions. I think it's also really unfair because if she was a guy, no one would criticize her at all (VIXX' Leo is an example of this). However, I really like Krystal, and I loves her in Heirs even though the drama itself was awful.

Electric Shock was a flawless era.

All hail the superior Jung.

Killing it on the shoots...

...and in selcas.

How I wish I could have her legs. And abs. And everything.

Krystal the actress is another favorite of mine.

Never change, Jung Soojung.

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