May 16, 2014

The Strangest of Names - Fanclubs

JYP's latest heartthrob boy group GOT7 recently announced their official fanclub name via a YouTube video, and it's horrible. However, it doesn't really surprise me because in general, most fanclub names are quite questionable. As I eagerly await the reveal of EXO's (and poor f(x)) fanclub name, I thought it would be interesting to go through some of the more odd ones out there. And believe me, there's a lot of them.

Super Junior - E.L.F

I've never liked Super Junior's fanclub name because, well it reminds me of elves. You know those from The Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter and that Will Ferrell movie with the same name. I really don't care about the actual meaning (Everlasting Friends) because it still just sounds really unpleasant to me.

SHINee - Shawol

This fanclub name has its origin in this groups first album, appropriately named SHINee World (a great album by the name), and its a mashup of those two words. A sweet thought, but a pretty terrible outcome, I must say. It's not even spelled correctly! They just took what it sounded like and spelled it like that. Yeah, not a fan.

2PM - Hottest

The meaning is actually quite clever, with 2 PM being the hottest time of the day, but it just doesn't work practically. It does sounds somewhat weird calling yourself a "hottest" since it's not a positive adjective but a superlative one. You can't really say it without i sort of breaking all the rules of grammar, and I find it most difficult doing so.

After School - Playgirlz/Playboyz

First of all, using a non-unisex name is a stupid idea, considering most groups have fans of both genders (at least most girl groups), and second, the name is just plain bad. Being called a "playboy" or "playgirl" comes with a pretty bad association, at least here where I'm from, and having a z in the end instead of a s makes it look all the more tacky too. I want to be an AS fan, but I refuse to call myself a playgirl.

CNBlue - Boice

I love, love, love CNBlue, I really do. However, proudly referring to myself as a "Boice" is not something I would do if I could avoid it. To create this brilliant name, they've done a "SHINee" and combined to words into one: none other than Blue Voice. I suppose it's not too bad, in fact I think it sounds sweet, but how I wish they would have left it like that.

A Pink - Pink Panda

Again, I am crazy about these ladies, but "Pink Panda"? Where does the panda come into the picture? When have ever A Pink been connected to pandas? So many questions, so few answers. I just think the randomness is quite high with this one, and it's also so adorably sweet I want to die (of embarrassment of course).

Block B - BBC

I'm sorry but this is just hilarious. I wonder if the people behind this decision knew what most people associate BBC with, because I for sure don't directly think of Block B when I hear it. Are the British Broadcasting Corporation aware they share the same name as the fans of a Korean boy group? I don't think so, and that's probably for the best too.

Bangtan Boys - A.R.M.Y

I didn't know what Bangtan's fanclub name stood for until very recently, and how I wish I hadn't found that out. I actually liked the name "Army", it felt powerful and suitable for their musical identity and image, but it turns out there's more thought behind the name than one would think. "Adorable Representative M.C for Youth" is the actual meaning. Yes, you read that correctly, unfortunately.

It's definitely fair to say that names of both groups, idols and fanclubs do have their weaknesses, some more than others. Also, English isn't their greatest asset either, but that's what makes it so charming, right?

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