May 15, 2014

Kara Adds New Members And EXO Looses One?

What in the name of sanity is going on right now? Nothing makes any sense and I'm just sitting here desperately trying to put the pieces together. First of all there's Kara, a group that has been going on since way back in 2007 and has had an enormous success in both Korea and Japan. They recently lost two members in Jiyoung and Nicole, both of whom have gone oversees after they left. This came as quite a shock for the fans, and although I could understand the members, it was a shame for such a stable group. I've written about this in another post and how it would be a terrible idea to add new members to the remaining three, but that doesn't seem to stop DSP anyway. They've releases two videos so far of potential members for the group, who will be competing in a reality show for a position in the group. I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that it's actually happening, because literally nothing good will come out of it. Fans are already in rage, and leader Gyuri even had to post an apology to try to calm things down. For a group that has been in the business for such a long time with the same setup of members. Adding new ones at this point would really mess up the group dynamics. It wouldn't be Kara anymore at all. The new girls would also get so much hate for "replacing" the older ones, and if their popularity has faded a bit in the last couple of years, it sure won't stop with these changes either. I think it would just be better to disband the group and have them do individual activities, because I feel like there's really nothing left for them at this point. It's sad, yes, but it would be the best decision to make.

Furthermore, I woke up this morning to the news of EXO member Kris supposedly trying to terminate his contract with SM. I thought it was nothing but a stupid rumor at first because it made absolutely no sense at all, but apparently it wasn't. Am I surprised then? Yes and no. For some reason I've always had a feeling that Kris felt a bit misplaced in the group and with being an idol in general, not because of anything specific really, but he never struck me as idol material. I've also seen him look and seem a bit uncomfortable and fed up in interviews, so if there was anyone who I think would leave the group, it would probably be him. However, I didn't expect this to happen in the middle of their promotions. EXO had their comeback like what, a week ago, and now he's filing a suit? The timing is so off which makes me really suspicious of this whole thing. Obviously he must be really desperate to get out, but to do so when they practically had their comeback last week and have an upcoming concert in the near future makes no sense at all. I respect his decision, and I don't think he would so this unless he has great reason to, but I think it's a bit disrespectful towards the rest of the group to go through with it right now. I guess only time will tell what will happen, but I really hope SM can sort this out so that no one involved will get hurt or hated on. I wish the best for Kris and for the rest of EXO, and once again send all my anger towards SM and their worthless treatment of their idols.

What an interesting week so far, right guys? In other news though, Kim Woobin is single again and Infinite will release their second full album on May 21st, so not only bad things have been announced so far! 

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