Jun 19, 2014

4 SNSD Members Down, 5 More To Go

In other news, SNSD's Taeyeon is now dating fellow label mate and rising idol superstar Baekhyun of EXO fame. This is the second time in a short period of time that I've woken up to an EXO related scandal, and I don't like it. Both this dating scandal and the lawsuit scandal are pretty big deals and for a group that's still relatively new it's more damaging than anything. I also feel bad for Taeyeon because she is going to get all kinds of threats from crazy EXO fans, and I can already tell this relationship isn't going to last very long. Additionally, is it such a good idea to date someone from your own label? Imagine the awkwardness when they break up and still have to see each other at SMTown events every now and then. More than anything, I was completely taken back by the news of this couple. I knew that Baekhyun have been public about his crush on the SNSD leader, but I thought their relationship was strictly sunbae-hoobae. He's three years younger than her, he seems much more childish and immature, and i seriously think she could do much better but you can't control love as it appears. Although unexpected, I wish them the best and hope they won't get slaughtered by jealous fans. However, I do mourn a bit for Sungyeol and other known Taeyeon fanboys. It could've just as easily been them, but it wasn't.

This marks the fourth member of SNSD that's officially in a relationship of some sort, and this is by far the most random one in my opinion. Yoona and her handsome boyfriend Lee Seung Gi, whom I'm currently watching in "You're All Surrounded", are still at the top of my list. They obviously make the best couple, because they're both incredible well liked in South Korea as well as being unrealistically attractive people. I also really like Sooyoung and her actor boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho as well as the idol combo Tiffany and 2PM's Nichkhun, because I find them compatible in terms of looks and fame. Taeyeon and Baekhyun, however, I find it really hard picturing them together. Oh well, as long as they're happy and content then that's all that matters.

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