Jun 14, 2014

Eye Candy Saturday - Hyuna

It's that time of the week again! I almost forgot about it but fortunately I remembered just in the right time. For this week's edition, I'll be sharing my favorite pictures of none other than 4Minute's dancer, visual and Pikachu impersonator Hyuna. I think she's just about the sweetest, cutest girl ever and yet she's constantly under very harsh, uncalled for criticism about her appearance and performances. I can promise you that if those people were to meet her in real life, they would come around straight away.

"Bubble Pop" Hyuna still owns my heart.

The photoshoot that changed my life.

Hyuna gracing the capital of my country with her presence.

Her beauty is beyond this world.

Wallpapers Hyuna Kim Hd High Definition Hdwalle   900x1400

Isn't she just the cutest?

Straight from the queen's glorious Instagram

We love you, Kim Hyuna!

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