Jun 13, 2014

Defeat the Heat With Kpop's Best Summer Jams!

I am currently on my much needed summer break and has been since Tuesday, so I thought it might be appropriate to make a nice little post about some of my favorite summer songs. There are endless amounts of summer inspired songs that make you all happy and cheerful and gets you in the mood for dancing all night long, but these are just some of my favorites that I could think of from the top of my head!

I'm going to start of with the legend herself: Lee Hyori. I am a huge Hyori fan and I think she's spectacular in every way possible, but no summer list would be complete without You Go Girl. This song and video are brilliant, and I love the message behind it. Hyori looks ans sounds fantastic, and her tan skin fits just right for this summery pop hit.

Coming from the same company, Hyori's labelmates Spica made a big splash last summer when they came back with Tonight. I was both surprised and impressed by this release, and along with the video and styling, the song was basically made for hot summer nights.

I've realized that it's much more common for female groups and soloists to release summer songs, but the guys sure aren't that far behind. One particular Xia Junsu had a comeback last summer and boy was it suitable for the season! There's a pool party, guys without shirts and golden covered bed sheets. Can it get any better?

Girls' Generation have released a bunch of summer songs throughout the years, and while I do love the sweet and fresh Echo, their Japanese single from last year just screamed "Summer anthem". It's bright, happy and uplifting and the music video really puts a smile on your face.

I clearly wasn't going to make this post without including my bias group Infinite, a group that has put out a fair share of bubbly summer tracks. In The Summer should be mentioned for obvious reasons, but I just love the video for She's Back. The Japanese version is more recent so they all look much nicer, but it's also very aesthetically pleasing.

Some people love her and some people hate her, but no one can deny the impact of Hyuna. I belong to the former category, and while I can admit she lacks a bit in the vocal department, she is one hell of a performer. And she's a total sweetheart too. Anyhow, her 2011 comeback Bubble Pop is one of the best summer songs ever, and the video follows the exact same vibe.

Beast is a group most known for their darker, more emotional concepts (See Breath, Fiction, Shadow etc.), so I know a lot of fans were a bit surprised when they did a 180 degree switch two years ago and came back with Beautiful Night. This was colorful, fun and a great track for the summer.

As the top picture might give away, the last summer jam on this list belongs to none other than the almighty Sistar and their hit Loving You. Shot in Hawaii, this song and video embodies and defines the concept of a summer release more than any other song in this post. Take a look and you'll understand why.

That concludes this summary of my personal favorite summer tracks! Who have I missed? What are some of your favorites?

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