Jun 2, 2014

Rate the Look - Infinite's "Last Romeo"

The boys are back in town and I'm at the edge of my seat shamelessly drooling over them. Compared to last year's comebacks, Last Romeo has a concept I'm much more comfortable as an Infinite fan, and is a concept I think suits them better as well.


I actually like this hairstyle and color on Sunggyu, because it reminds me of the glorious era of The Chaser, aka Infinite's best release to date. Each and every member was on fire back then, and especially this lovely young man looked right about perfect. Maybe I would've toned down the orange tones just a tiny bit for more brownish color, but It's still a nice shade on him. And of course, I love when they style his hair away from his face, as it makes him look a lot hotter and manlier.

Score: 8/10


My precious baby, what have they done to your gorgeous hair? I do have to say that the bleach is better than the initial orange bubblegum color, but I still like him the most with dark colors. He can pull a lot of styles off and has had his fair share of colors over the years but I think black, brown or possibly the blue tinted black he had in 2012 suits him the best. However, Dongwoo has been wearing a more silver blonde color for all of their live stages so far, and that looks a lot better so I'm happy they realized he couldn't keep the bleach up.

Score: 7/10


Oh Namstar, how you keep on getting more and more handsome by the day. This hairstyle is nothing new at all for this stunning vocalist, but this is also what he looks best in. Darker, slightly longer hair with some messy texture makes him look sexy and mature. However, it's not something we haven't seen before and it doesn't really have that much impact on me either for the same reason, even though he looks really great.

Score: 8/10


Infinite stylists must have discovered that not all bleach had been used on Dongwoo's scalp and needed another member to use it on, because I can't see any other reason as to why he would look like this. Hoya, I love you, but this looks quite terrible. His face is not one that should have blonde hair, even less blue hair or any other pastel color.

Score: 6/10


I suppose we will never get anything as good as his long locks that he wore so beautifully two years ago, but I'm keeping the hope that someday they will return and it will be magical. This looks just fine, I think, but he can look so much better. The cut is a bit too round and fluffy for my liking and doesn't really flatter his face all too much. Such a shame.

Score: 7/10


Does Myungsoo ever look anything else than perfect? The answer to that is no, without any hesitation. These pictures don't look too great, I'll admit, but if you watch the video or a live stage you'll see that he's just as flawless as always. Myungsoo can do no wrong, unless he decided to do a "Hoya" or "Dongwoo" and bleach his head, but that's unlikely. Is this style a bit boring? Yes, but it's L we're talking about here so it really doesn't matter.

Score: 8/10


I'd like to think all my wishes came true and Woolim finally made the decision to fire whoever was taking care of maknae Sungjong's hair. It was way too long during Man In Love and while he looked much better in Destiny, after that everything went downhill. If you follow this group I'm sure you know what I'm referring to. This time however, he finally looks good! The color is great, the length is perfect, what more can you ask for?

Score: 8/10


I am a huge fan of this styling, which may or may not come as a surprise due to my eternal love of suits. Even though there are a few other outfit combinations, it all mashes together quite well and while L's black and white cow inspired suit might not be an immediate success, I'm willing to overlook it because everything else is fine. I thought the styling for both of their 2013 comebacks felt a bit off in different ways, one being way to colorful and floral and the other a bit messy, so this clean, simple look is a pleasant change. I've always thought they looked better in more toned down colors and patterns, so this is a hit for me! Sure, some of the members didn't have the best of look but as a whole, I'm definitely satisfied.

Total Score: 7/10

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