Jul 9, 2014

Rate the Look - f(x)' "Red Light"

I seriously don't know how to begin to formulate this post that I'm about to put together. I had been away for a while when I first saw the endless amount of photos that SM had released to build up hype for f(x) standard summer return, and I had two initial thoughts when I came across them.
1. This is really, really, really good.
2. Are SM actually putting in some real effort this time around?

Truth be told, this group usually gets the short end of the stick and with EXO skyrocketing to fame it appeared as if all hope was lost, but with this new concept it might seem like there's still some light to hold onto.


I'm choosing to ignore the short wig because it's hideous, and focus on Victoria's actual look for this comeback. It's simple and safe, but incredibly beautiful. I still remember the disaster that was her blonde hair for Electric Shock, so anything darker I'm happy with.

Score: 8/10


I'm going to be honest, I usually don't find Amber very attractive. I like her and all, but her look is not my style and therefore I dismiss her quite often. For "Red Light" she has gone for a bright red hair color, and looks even more like a manga character than usual. I do think the lighter color along with the longer cut a bit better, but the red is not bad either.

Score: 7/10


I love Luna, I really do. She's amazingly talented but constantly overlooked and I'm always upset she's so ignored. Because of this I am even happier f(x) has this kind of concept because she is killing it. The cut, color and makeup truly makes her stand out and I think she suits this kind of styling perfectly.

Score: 9/10

Sulli s_09¨

Typically, I'm not a huge Sulli fan, but I literally haven't been able to take my eyes off her this comeback. This is the kind of look Sulli needs to be having at all times because this is when you truly understand why she's the group's visual. The long, straight, medium brown hair makes her look like a goddess and if you can't see it then you need to get your eyes checked.

Score: 10/10


Krystal in bleach blonde hair is everything I never knew I wanted. Along with Luna, she suits this dark, grunge inspired concept the absolute best and you can tell she's loving it too. When I saw these photos I could hardly contain myself with excitement because it looked so good and there's not that much more I can add to it. Just flawless.

Score: 10/10


Wow, just wow. There are literally no other words I could use to describe this concept. Among all the generic, bland concepts that groups recycle over and over again, f(x) dares to stick out. Are they pirates, rebels or goth queens? Or perhaps all of the above? I love how SM isn't afraid to mix things up a bit with this group, and even though the video for "Rum Pum Pum Pum" last year was quite boring, the teasers and art film released prior were both original and unique. This group surely has their own charm, and I could not be happier with the direction they're taking for this year's comeback.

Total Score: 10/10

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