Jul 10, 2014

Rate the Look - GOT7's "A"

So, GOT7 just came back and is looking better than ever. Like, the styling for this comeback is absolutely spot on and I refuse to admit they ever wore anything else.


I know this isn't the best picture but it doesn't really matter because this look isn't the best either. I would personally never have guessed Mark to be the group's visual, and that's mainly because of his terrible styling. If the could go back to how he looked like when he appeared on Win, then I would be a happy camper. Until then, I'm not satisfied simply because his styling do him no justice.

Score: 7/10


Leader JB didn't impress me very much in the early days, but with this new, black color and cut he manages to catch my eye a bit more. He's the kind of guy that gets better looking and more attractive the more you get to know him, so I suppose that could be it too, but I really do think this look is much more flattering to him.

Score: 7/10


Jackson is one good looking guy, and ever since I saw him on Win I thought he was attractive. He has that bad boy look going on, but he's actually the sweetest guy ever and his playful side really shines through with this type of styling. I'm also happy he gets to wear some actual jeans and not just baggy trousers or shorts over tights.

Score: 8/10


I'm in love with Jr this comeback. Like, I don't think he's been this attractive since he and JB promoted together two years ago. The "spock" haircut he used to have isn't flattering on anyone, so I applaud whoever decided that enough is enough and gave Jr a proper haircut. I also love how the stylists dress him in various shirts and flannels, because that's crazy hot.

Score: 10/10


Youngjae is the kind of guy who easily goes unnoticed, and therefore I'm more than pleased to see him being so promoted this time around. I mean, the guy had no actual lines for "Girls Girls Girls", and he's their main vocalist! His hair is styled in a really handsome way and I love the ripped jeans. It makes him look just perfectly boyish but mature at the same time.

Score: 9/10


The blonde hair is just a big no-no. I've said this so many times but I don't think that shade of blonde suits someone with a tanner skin-tone. It just clashes in a very unflattering way and makes my eyes hurt a little. He's such a cute kid, why can't you give him a hair color that will make me want to take care of him in a totally non-creepy way like the noona I am?

Score: 5/10


More than anyone in the group, Yugyeom sticks out the least and is a normally calm and quiet guy to top it off as well. He really needs that one look to make him stand out and receive attention, and this is not it. Not that it looks bad, but it's not the best he's looked either. I prefer him with dark hair a thousand times over.

Score: 6/10


I already said this in my MV review, but I am just crazy about the styling for this comeback. Especially when compared to the horrendous fashion mess that was Girls x3, they truly hit the nail on the head this time around. The clothes are casual, yet fashionable. They're youthful, yet suitable for their age. I love the use of denim, sneakers, casual jackets and plain t-shirt's. It seems like clothes boys their age would normally wear, and they all look so relaxed and comfortable while wearing them yet still so attractive.

Total Score: 9/10

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