Aug 11, 2014

Midyear Check-Up - Top 5 Videos

Watching music videos is one of the biggest joys in following K-Pop, especially those who bring that little extra. There have been plenty of releases for the first half of 2014, and that also means a lot of music videos to accompany the title tracks. These are my personal favorites that have come out during the first 6 months.

I loved everything about the concept for Spica's comeback in the beginning of the year. The music video was brilliantly shot, the retro inspired sets and styling worked magnificently with the sassy theme of the song and I love how confident the girls look in it. This group has really worked their way up on my list with the high quality of their releases, and I'm really looking forward to what they might do next.

JYP is finally doing something right with one of its acts, because Sunmi has just been hogging the spotlight ever since her noticeable debut last year. This music video is spooky and ghostly, as it should be considering the vampire concept, but at the same time it's captivating and exciting. The sets are beautiful and Sunmi herself looks like a vampire princess.

Not going to lie, there were actual tears. I have never had to deal with racism or discrimination due to my skin color or ethnicity, and it's just not fair how we still live in a world where so many people experience just that on a daily basis. This video is beautiful, moving and brutally honest, and I admire Lee Michelle so much for sharing her story and bringing up the issues she's faced her entire life.

Quirky trio Orange Caramel have created a brand of their own, a genre of music and concepts only they know how to pull off. In this video, they dress up as foods and dance on top of tables. It's bizarre, a bit confusing and hilariously ridiculous, but that's what makes it stand out. You will remember this video and talk about it long after you've watched it.

Last on this list is another JYP production, and it is, in my opinion, the redemption of new boy group Got7. I really disliked their debut song and video, so this release was honestly like heaven for me. It has that chill, cool summer vibe and makes use of gorgeous locations and warm colors to fit the season perfectly.

These are my five favorite videos that have been released for the first half of the year, but of course there were many other ones that just missed out on this list. What are some of yours?

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