Sep 6, 2014

Eye Candy Saturday - Hyeri

As Girl's Day's youngest member Hyeri finally is receiving some love from the Korean public thanks to her appearance on "Real Men", long time fans like myself can only pat ourselves on the back with a smirk on our faces as we say: I knew she was my bias for a good reason". At first I didn't really like Hyeri that much, but as I've got to know her a bit better and see her wonderful personality, there was no denial she was right up there with Yura and Sojin on my bias list.

Girl’s Day Hye Ri and So Jin - @Star1 Magazine August Issue ‘14Girl’s Day - Female President

Hyeri showing her flawless left side.

Seriously, she's so pretty.

Her facial expressions give me so much life.

Better at winking than all of your faves.

Hot stuff right there.


The one babe to end all babes.


Work that body, babe.


Always bringing a smile to my face with her cute antics.

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