Sep 7, 2014

Ladies' Code Loses Another Member

Yet another morning I have woken up to the dreadful news of another passing. Fighting for her life for four days, going through 10 hours of surgery due to a severe injury to her head, Ladies' Code member RiSe has joined EunB in heaven, as she's no longer with us. I suppose it's not as shocking considering she had been unconscious ever since the time of the car crash, and her condition was critical and unstable, but it's still horrible to think that we have lost another smiling angel.

My thoughts go out to all the people involved, family members, staff workers, the hard-working doctors and surgeons and of course the three remaining members.

EunB and RiSe, I hope you're in a better place now where there's no pain, and continue watching over your loved ones as long as they live.

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