Jan 6, 2015

A 2014 Year-end Festival Review - MBC Gayo Daejejun

The very last year-end festival of 2014 took place on New Year's Eve itself, as it has done plenty of times before. I actually find it really sweet and special to ring in the new year with both musical performances but also the fellowship of all the idol groups present. Although I can imagine that a lot of them would have wished to spend the evening with friends and family, it's still a special moment to do so with your teammates, on the stage in front of your fans.

Favorite Stages

I dislike "Stop Stop It" but they had me down with the acrobatics.

96-line represent! Also, Joy was on fire and I love her so much for this.

Mamamoo deserve an award for their pure existence. And for Whasa. 

The piano version of "Luv" was beautiful and their voices are so loud and clear?

Amazing. The vocals, the rap, the confidence. These women could run the world.

What an fantastic performance. Leo's and Ken's vocals are to die for.

I love this new Kara, and I love both remixes for "Step" and "Mamma Mia".

There are no words to describe my love for Infinite and their amazing live skills.

Just casually showing how it's done, folks. God I've missed seeing Yunho perform.

  • Jun Hyun Moo. I hate the guy with every inch of me.
  • K-Tigers were totally ripped off. Even though they were there.
  • What on earth was Sunmi wearing?
  • A Pink's clothes. Once again. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU STYLISTS??
  • 4Minute's remix was disappointing.
  • I do feel bad for the ones having to perform outside. Must've been freezing.


  • Hyeri in long hair. You slay those haters, girl.
  • SHINee may not be back, but Jonghyun made a glorious return.
  • Chanyeol singing, again? It this Christmas or what?
  • I really like Hwanhee's voice.
  • EXO sang live! See, it wasn't that hard was it?
  • Let's be honest. The girls ruled this night.
  • The sound system was actually really good.
  • I really like the stage design and effects. Both outdoors and indoors.
  • The competition aspect really helps bringing out some more interesting performances.
  • The structure of the entire concert was well thought out.
Easily the best festival this year, hands down. There was pretty much nothing wrong with this festival at all, from the performances, sound quality and overall production value. Both money and time has been spent on this project, and you can tell. I don't think there was any performance I didn't like, and I loved almost all the remixes, special stages and visual effects too. Although the show was long, it included basically everything you could want, and I didn't think it got boring at any point either. It also felt like all the groups were actually putting in effort too, but it could just be how their stages were arranged too. Either way, it was awesome.

Seriously, the year couldn't have ended on a better note. Hats off to both MBC and all the hardworking idols who came together to celebrate the end of 2014.

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