Jan 2, 2015

A 2014 Year-end Festival Review - SBS Gayo Daejun

The 3 year-end shows hosted by KBS, MBC and SBS respectively are one of the big highlights of the year. While I think they used to be heaps better in the past (could be because K-Pop had a quite different approach back then though) I still enjoy them immensely. I get to see a ton of my favorite acts all together in one show, they get to perform remixes of their tracks, show of some special dance moves or even do collaborations with other idols. It's literally a fangirl's dream come true. Well, at least mine.

I didn't get to watch any of the shows live because I didn't have access to a computer or high speed internet, but that meant I could engage in a festival marathon instead and that's not too shabby either. Last year I was kind of disappointed with all three of them, as they all had some downsides and issues. A reoccurring problem is sound, which seems to always falter, as well as camera work and generally boring stages. The MBC one was probably my favorite though, with SBS coming second. This time I haven't had time to build up any expectations, and with all the drama that's happened this year I wondered how these festivals would turn out.

First up was SBS, holding their jam-packed show on the 21st, which I thought was surprisingly early. Usually they tend to fall between Christmas Day and New Year's, but I guess not this time. Last year I thought they did more than well in terms of performances and stages, but my main issue was the terrible camera work. My main hope this time was that some new cameramen had been hired, to actually bring justice to the many great acts performing.

Favorite Stages

The Grandpa clothes + The random dancing = Hysterical laughter.

The four power rookie groups of 2014 look cute and enthusiastic. Especially together. 

Soyou gets to perform with all the hot dudes and I'm jealous.

Sistar looked like they had just shown up to a summer party, and I'm totally buying it.

Raina's scream in the beginning is enough by itself to make this a favorite.

2PM have mastered the genre of "going crazy" on stage. Seriously, I mean it.

GD is hot. I may have just fallen back in love with him. The song is also kind of good?

  • The switch from Lovelyz to Winner. Whose microphone was on?
  • A Pink still being at war with their stylists. Namjoo looked perfect though.
  • Girl's Day performing without Minah.
  • The "Mamma Mia" remix. Seriously, why ruin a perfect original?
  • Taeyang's hair. Dude, get a hold of yourself.
  • Bad remixes for both 4Minute and T-Ara. Shame.
  • Kai looking like a waiter? Like what was the thought behind that?
  • Bringing back the awards. It's supposed to be a festival, not a competition. 


  • Song Ji Hyo and Lucky Boys hosting. All that eye candy. 
  • Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo making an appearance. Running Man represent!
  • AOA's sparkly outfits and Mina's return. She looked gorgeous.
  • YEO JIN GOO. This boy. I can't.
  • 4Minute looked amazing and Hyuna was on point
  • Hyunseung's hair. I am literally over the moon about how good it looked.
  • Sound system was fairly stable. Camera work not horrible.

I thought it was mediocre. Not bad, but not excellent. There were some good moments, as always, and I think the hosts did a good job too. However I do think most of the special stages and remixes were just kind of lukewarm, and I never felt like the roof was raised at any point, if you get my drift. Or maybe it's just me not being enough of a fan of Seo Taiji. 

Sadly I don't think this will be a Gayo I'll remember standing out in any special way, because although I enjoyed bits of it it fell short as a whole. There seemed to be a lack of energy and spark, and the concept of Super 5 never really made any sense during the show either. All I have to say now is: Better luck next year!

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