Jul 12, 2015

Video of the Week #9

TVXQ's Changmin Ft. Exo's Chen And Super Junior's Kyuhyun - "Bolero"

Recently performed at SMTOWN in Tokyo, this trio of great vocalist manage to achieve something wonderful: a good cover of a song difficult covering. I personally love "Bolero" to the moon and back and while nothing, EVER can beat the original version performed by the original five members, this rendition is beautiful.

Chen sounds like an angel as usual, Kyuhyun keeps reminding me why he's one of my favorite vocalists period and Changmin impresses me tremendously. While I usally find his voice a bit harsh to listen to (because of the tone, not his technique), he is actually by far my favorite in this performance. Not only does his voice sound fantastic but the passion and emotion he puts into his singing is remarkable.

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