Nov 5, 2015

f(x)'s "4 Walls" Wins #1 And Everybody Cries, Including Me

My precious, precious babies. I knew it would only be a matter of time before they won first place with "4 Walls", but it doesn't make it any less emotional. I can't even wrap my head around how successful this comeback has been, as their album shot straight to number one on Billboard's "World Albums" list as well as it has sold over 65 000 copies in its first release week, making f(x) the second girl group with the most weekly sold albums in the world. I shouldn't be surprised because I if anyone knows how much they deserve it and just how amazing this group is, but it's still shocking to witness. This group has been through so much crap and have struggled in so many ways, so for them to come back after a shaky year and prove all the haters wrong is incredibly powerful.

That's probably also why this win on "M! Countdown" meant so much to them, as they all looked both shocked and happy and later starting getting teary, with Luna and Krystal doing most of the crying. I can't even imagine how relieved they must be feeling knowing that after all the tumult people still support them and root for them, so it's not surprising that tears were shed during the encore stage (which wasn't as much a performance as it was hugging, crying and bowing). Seeing Krystal cry was especially heartbreaking because she's not a person that's very emotionally expressive, and with everything that's been going on both with f(x) and her sister she probably had a lot of feelings bottled up inside. Luna too was just a wreck, and bless MC Key's heart for coming over and consoling her. Even Amber shed some tears eventually, and only Victoria managed to stay in control of her emotions, at least on the outside.

This promotional week has only just started, and I can imagine there will be plenty more to celebrate if things are continuing this well with them. I mean, they're even having their very first solo concert after six years in late January next year (shame on you SM) so hopefully this new start for them will only mean more good things in the future. At least I know I'll always support these girls.

Congratulations my lovelies!

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