Nov 6, 2015

SNS Friday #4

 Haeryung shows her best side for the camera.

Ett foto publicerat av @kxxhara

The godly Hara looks absolutely ethereal.

Ett foto publicerat av 냥 (@yysbeast)

Yoseob looks but cute but who knows what Dongwoon is doing?

Pretty boy Yonghwa knows exactly how attractive he is.

NaLiz is back people! I love these two girls.

Hyeri show off her strength next to Iron Man.

Key is looking flawless, but what else is new?


The boys of Bangtan celebrate getting 1 million followers on the V App.

Fei takes a picture with Aaron Yan and I can't decide who I'm more jealous of.

In this week's Twice photo they announce their fanclub name: Once. I like it!

Princess Moon looks like a true goddess.

Sunmi shows her bare face and looks annoyingly beautiful.

We find another visual wonder in Woori, who always looks flawless.

And who can resist Suzy's timeless beauty? Not me anyway.

CEO Jessica Jung looks as pretty as ever.

The unbelievably handsome YoungK blesses us with a selca.

Ett foto publicerat av YURA (@yura_936)

Yura and Sojin looking sweeter than candy in this lovely couple photo.

Last but not least we have the four ladies of f(x) being flawless as per usual. 

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