Nov 13, 2015

SNS Friday #4

Winner are on Instagram. YES, FINALLY.

Gayoon shares a sunny and simley photo of herself.

Long-legged beauty Hyejeong looks pretty as always.

Oh My Girl's two visuals pose together and look nothing but gorgeous.

Jinyoung blesses fans with his pretty boy looks in this selca.

Jei is so underrated it hurts me, because she's just incredibly pretty.

Ett foto publicerat av MOON (@moongom119)

Still not a fan of Hyunah's bangs, but she looks chic nonetheless.

Jungshin looks handsome as usual, even in a turtleneck.

Junghwa flaunts her comeback hairstyle and I love it.

Krystal makes an awaited appearance on her Instagram account. Love this girl.

Baro and his beer says hello from Mexico.

Lime doesn't get as much appreciation as she should. This girl is stunning.

Key always looks on point, and so he does even this week.

Hyuna and Jihyun share a photo from their trip to Argentina, where 4Minute are performing.

One third of Beast looking hot, but what else is new?

Ett foto publicerat av 유영 (@u_0lee)

Yooyoung is another underrated stunner. What wouldn't I do to look like her.

It's official. Ravi has killed me with his sexiness.

Last but not least we have Sohyun sharing a picture with Jiyoon from their Argentina outing.

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