Nov 27, 2015

SNS Friday #6

The always so stunning Lime is ready for winter in a cozy knitted sweater.

As is Jia, who's looking super pretty in a grey polo shirt.

Model Bang Tae Eun is just ridiculously good looking. It's not even a little bit fair.

Fei shares another photo of herself and Aaron Yan and I'm so jealous.

Jaehyuk posts a sweet backstage pic. He is just the cutest.

B.A.P are BACK and I couldn't be happier finally seeing Daehyun and Zelo's faces again.

Beautiful actress Kang So Ra posts serves flawless face in three.

Ett foto publicerat av 냥 (@yysbeast)

Yoseob shows off his muscular arms and I can only sit and stare with my mouth wide open.

Yup, I'm still in love with Junghwa and her gorgeous pink hair.

151122 Suga’s Tweet

속았지????? 깔깔깔
You were fooled, weren’t you????? Hahaha

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans© TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS

Jimin and Jungkook share their gorgeous faces, which I'm eternally thankful for.

Taeyeon and Yoona show off their Christmas spirit.

The stunning Kyungri shows off her sexy comeback outfit.

CNBlue take a picture with the fans at their Hong Kong concert.

I'm really digging Bora's new hairstyle. It suits her perfectly!

A very happy SNSD thanking their fans after their Phantasia concert.

Seunghoon taking a photo in Stockholm, a.k.a the capital of my country, is too much for me to handle.

A close-up of Junhyung is never a bad thing in my opinion.

Ravi and Taemin show off their friendship and I'm screaming internally.

Behind the scenes of Oh My Girl's jacket photoshoot. They're so cute.

Best buddies Minha and Hyemi look adorable together.

Ett foto publicerat av MOON (@moongom119)

What Nine Muses are doing on a beach however I don't know. Hopefully shooting something.

Ett foto publicerat av @strong_chan

90-liners Himchan and Yongguk are handsome in black.

My girl crush on L.E continues forward...

Seolhyun looks absolutely divine in her white dress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Lastly we have this lovely picture from Day6's first concert in Korea. I'm so happy for them!

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