Jan 23, 2016

Favorite Award Show Performances - 2016 SMA & GDA

I do love award shows, and although I love watching my favorites win what I like the most are the many enjoyable performances these shows often offer. Admittedly many of my faves do win awards, but that's just an added bonus. Another enjoyable aspect are the interactions that occur between different group members, and watching them dig and jam along to each other's music. I didn't quite have the will to do a full recap of these award shows, but I did find the time to at least present to you some of my favorite performances.

SMA (Seoul Music Awards), January 25th

BoA - The Shadow + Kiss My Lips 

Surprisingly, but definitely pleasantly, BoA won the award for "Record of the Year" for her album "Kiss My Lips", and although I wasn't the biggest fan I liked the album and I love her and her talent. I'm always happy to see her perform because she's just brilliant, and these two performances are nothing less but stellar.

BTS - Run + Dope

Not that BTS normally aren't good performers, but this performance completely blew my mind. They sounded great, had an insane amount of energy and they way they went so hard when performing "Dope" literally made me want to stand up and jump up and down. Just amazing.

Monsta X - Trespass

Monsta X is definitely a group that's been growing on me lately (mostly thanks to their recent variety show "Right Now"), but they're genuinely good performers as well. This song craves a ton of stamina because the choreography looks exhausting, but they all manage to keep up and Jooheon must have lungs made of steel.

GDA (Golden Disk Awards) Day 1, January 20th

AOA - Short Hair +shine Heart Attack

I did not expect this at all but I found myself realizing that I have missed watching AOA perform "Short Hair", because it reminded me of when I first started liking AOA more than just casually. I do think that as performers they leave a lot to be desired in terms of general stage presence but these performances were cute so I liked them anyway.

EXID - Hot Pink + Up & Down

Oh my goodness that intro might have been my death. L.E's rapping always and general attitude always slays me and Solji's vocals are too good for the songs they're promoting. The actual performances of the songs were good too, but the intro was clearly the best part.

GFriend - Glass Bead + Me Gustas Tu

I don't quite understand the concept of their outfits for this performance, but it doesn't really matter because GFriend will always rule the stage no matter what. Their SMA performance was great as well, but here they performed both of their title tracks so of course I had to include it because the more the better.

Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake + Dumb Dumb

I always love a Red Velvet performance that don't include the girls dancing around in uncomfortable maid dresses, so this one was an obvious choice. I'm still not totally into "Ice Cream Cake" as a song but I can't deny it makes a great live, and Seulgi is always a joy to watch.

GDA (Golden Disk Awards) Day 2, January 21st

Vixx - Chained Up + Error

Someone tell me again why Vixx are even wearing clothing? Seriously, their aura oozes sex appeal and with the steamy "Chained Up" it's almost too much to handle. However I'm most grateful that they got to perform "Error" again because that song is amazing, and they sounded fantastic as well.

Twice - Like Ooh-Ahh

Let me just start off by saying that I love what the girls are wearing for this performance? I'm a sucker for black and all of their outfits are super flattering. The performance itself was great and that dance break (or more so Momo) killed me, but above all I'm just happy to see them back in business again.

f(x) - 4 Walls


You all know how much I adore Krystal, so for her to have a dance break of her own (as well as being one of the awards show's MC's) made me incredibly happy. Although I'm sad Victoria couldn't attend due to schedule conflicts the rest of them performed with great energy, and I still can't get enough of the song.

SHINee - View + Married To The Music

Last but not least we have SHINee, who is still going strong and is continuously setting the bar for every other group in the room with their skill and professionalism. "View" will always be amazing but I'm really happy they also performed "Married To The Music" because it has a choreography made for lives. Of course they all killed it on the vocals as well, but you already know that.

There you have it, my favorite performances from this week's award shows! I don't think there will be any more now which means the year of 2015 is officially over in terms of music. It's been a good one, and award shows like these are great in reminding you of the past year's many releases. What were some of your favorite performances?

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