Jan 22, 2016

SNS Friday #14 - SMA, ISAC, GDA & More!

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The gorgeous ladies of Sistar are all smiles (and kisses) backstage at SMA earlier this week, and what a busy week it has been. Not only has it been filled with different award shows but the recording of the annual program everyone loves to hate (or is the other way around?) ISAC, so many of the photos from this week will be from one of those occasions. But of course there are some ordinary, yet lovely, selcas and pictures of your favorite idols this week as well.

Hyunah goes to find Sungah (and Spica's Bohyung) in Thailand. Girls' night out indeed!

Subin and Ahyoung showcase the visual power of Dal Shabet, and I love their makeup!

I'm starting to, believe it or not, warm up to Taehyun's blonde hair.

Dongwoo takes a picture with his baby niece at her first birthday party, and I can't decide who's cuter.

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Yoona salutes her audience and looking pretty as ever.

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The handsome boys of Vixx show off their SMA Bonsang.

One half of A Pink at the recent recording of ISAC; looking cute as usual.

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Key shows off both some flawless side profile and a gorgeous view.

Amber and Luna take a picture with their dancers backstage at the GDA's.

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My good looking favorites Jungkook and Rap Monster strike a pose for the camera.

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Welcome to the world of Instagram Sunggyu! (And hello, sleeping Dongwoo).

Jaekyung looks gorgeous as always, and her makeup is especially on point in this selca.

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GFriend pose happily with their SMA rookie award. Congratulations girls!

Ett foto publicerat av @kim_msl

Everyone's favorite cutie pie Myungsoo aka L shares a concert picture from a recent gig in South America.

Ett foto publicerat av @erine0503

Euaerin shows off her gorgeous bikini body while on a vacation of her own.

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A happy Monsta X (minus I.M) show off their SMA award.

Yooa, Hyojung and Seunghee take a cute picture together while at ISAC.

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The always so lovely Eunji graces fans with a beautiful selca set.

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The seven boys of Got7 pose with their dedicated fans at a recent gig.

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I always love it when my favorite groups get together, like here with Nine Muses and GFriend.

Taeyeon poses with her GDA award for best female artist (and shows off her short new haircut).

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Actual angel Jimin shows off a traditional conical hat given to him, of him, by Vietnamese fans.

The gorgeous Sulli continues to wow everyone with her delicate beauty.

Ett foto publicerat av 렝 (@raina_57)

Raina and Nana take a selca together and I hope this means a comeback of some sort is in the making.

Ett foto publicerat av KSY (@w_n_r00)

Because a cute group photo of Winner can never be wrong.

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Last but not least we have the flawless ladies of Twice, whom after a tumult couple of weeks are able to pose happily together (and win a GDA rookie award).

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