Jan 10, 2016

Ok But Can We Talk About This For A Second?

WHO ALLOWED THIS? I mean, I already love this group to death and yet they're still trying to actually kill me. I'm so here for this trashy rock group aesthetic and can't wait to see what kind of music they'll put out this time, because right now Winner is the only group in YG I can actually stand. Tomorrow the first single will be released (or I think so) and it's a NamSong duet (Taehyun and Mino), and it's said to be the first part of this "Exit Movement". Hopefully this will mean they'll promote for a longer time this time around and with several singles, because after the iKon-fest last year they definitely should have at least three comeback singles.

And also, Mino needs to stop, like seriously. Is every member going to release a teaser film like this?; because I'm not sure my heart can take it. Who taught you to kiss like that, huh? And who is that lucky girl whom I wish I was every second I watch Mino's hands around her face. Seriously, he needs to stop right now or I don't know if I'll live to even witness the comeback.

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