Jan 28, 2016

SM Announces New "Infinite" Boy Group NCT (A.K.A The Korean AKB48) And I'm Already Over It

You can always count on SM to do something on a grander scale, but I really didn't think something like this would actually happen. Rumors have been going around that their upcoming rookie boy group would have a rotational member system (like what After School had/has), but this is taking it to and beyond the next level. Apparently at a recent conference of some sorts, the heads of SM officially announced the birth of this new project called  NCT, which stands for New Culture Technology (a terrible name, in my opinion). This group will be composed of different teams and units who will promote in different countries and cities all over the world, and there will be no limit as to how many members can join and leave (or switch units even?). Like with EXO, when there still was a distinct K and M seperation, one song will be released for the entire group and the units will release one of their own in the language of the country they're promoting in.

I'm going to be serious here; this does not sound like a good idea to me. Of course since it's SM fangirls will hop on the train anyway, but I personally think I would have a hard time getting into this institution. First of all, the aspect of having an unlimited amount of members concerns me, and the fact that they're all going to promote simultaneously in different parts of the world will make it genuinely difficult to follow any of them properly. The main issue at hand here, at least for me, is that this shows just how replaceable and interchangeable all these trainees are and that they are just a product that can easily be added in and thrown away. It's not fair to any of the boys and also won't be easy for their potential fans to see new members come and go all the time. What one can hope for is that they will face the same fate that Super Junior did back in the day, as they were also supposed to be a rotational group but SM later realized that it wouldn't be a great idea because the existing members were getting too popular. Now I have to say that although I'm highly skeptical of this concept I can't actually condemn it before the actual debut happens, so I might be wrong, but my instincts tell me otherwise.

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