Jan 27, 2016

8 Favorite Female Voices In K-pop

SPICA Lend Voices for OST of “Super Daddy 10″

Putting together this list was actually a lot harder than the male one I did months ago, and although I'm not entirely sure why (as there are plenty of female idols with amazing voices) I do have an idea. Since I, a heterosexual female, am the one putting together these lists the boys already have an advantage because they are, well, boys. Naturally I'm more attracted to male voices in general, and while there are some female voices I knew right from the bat I wanted to include here some I had to dig deeper to find. Nonetheless I did manage to put together this compliation of female vocalists, in no particular order, and like with the male version it's in no way representative of whom I find the most skillfull (although those two overlap too of course). Additionally this list only includes idols from K-pop groups, so that means that other extremely talented vocalists might be left out because they're singers rather than idols.

Spica's Bohyung

I'm still over here eagerly anticipating a Spica comeback, but until then listening to Bohyung's flawless singing will have to do. Although everyone in this group has a serious set of pipes it's definitely Bohyung's power vocals that have stood out to me the most. She has a lower tone that's just incredibly rich and full, which I absolutely love.

Exid's Solji

I know I've already posted this exact video, but I still cannot get enough of this performance. Seriously, every time I watch it there are actual tears in my eyes. One of my favorite aspects of Exid's success story is Solji's foray into the spotlight as one of the best singers of the new generation, because a strong, powerful voice like hers needs to be praised.

2ne1's Minzy

2ne1's youngest member is arguably also their most talented member, as she possess skills in both dancing, rapping and singing. However she gets relatively little recognition for her vocals, which is strange to me because she is clearly the most stable singer of her group. Her voice is strong, clear and has a lovely tone that I wish she was more famous for.

Sistar's Hyorin

This list would've been complete without Hyorin, would it? I don't think anyone who has ever heard her sing would argue that her voice isn't unique, and it is her husky tone that makes her stand out above all the other, equally talented vocalists. Not to mention she has an awesome range as well and lungs made of steel.

AOA's Choa

It's a shame that AOA's typical songs are made so that Choa isn't able to showcase the full potential of her vocal abilities, and especially their latest "Heart Attack" did her voice terribly. In reality, when allowed to sing songs within her range, she sounds flawless and has a darker timbre with a warm fullness to it.

Lovelyz' Kei

Kei is probably the most surprising choice on this list because her voice is vastly different from all the other ones, but I just shamelessly love it. What makes her voice so special is that although it's lighter and more delicate there is this kind of underlying power and clarity that stops it from becoming either whiny or breathy, unlike other vocalists with similar tones.

GFriend's Yuju

The best female rookie singer to have come among last year's debut is definitely Yuju, who blew everyone away right from the start with her raw power and strength. It's obvious she's had training in classical singing, because the control and stability she possess is not easy to achieve. She will definitely be one to look out for in the future.

Exid's Hani

Last but not least we have another (possibly) surprising choice, because not a lot of people know about Hani's actual voice. I say this because in Exid's songs she's forced out of her range and in a "sexy" way, whereas her real voice is dark, smooth, incredibly warm and perfect for jazzier songs. Hopefully she'll get to showcase it more eventually.

There you have it! Like I said this list focuses mainly on the tones and timbres of these idols' voices; their vocal colors you might say. There are a lot more that I would include if it was only about skill and technique, but that's for another time. With that said I want to know, who are your favorite female voices in K-pop?

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