Feb 1, 2016

There's Never Been A Better Time To Be An F(x) Fan Than This Past Weekend

I honestly don't have words to express my happiness for the four members of f(x), and well, everyone that's been involved with the group like for example the managers, stylists, dancers and even the girls' family and friends. This weekend will go down in history as a time to remember for f(x) and all their fans as it was these three days, January 29th, 30th and 31st, that they held their very first live concerts. I cannot even comprehend how awesome it must've been and I will forever be upset that I couldn't be there to support the girls myself. It's surely no surprise for any of you that f(x) might just be my ultimate bias group, and the fact that they finally, almost seven years into their debut, were able to have a solo concert is a huge deal. At their last concert on Sunday they also finally announced their fanclub name: MeU (which probably originates from their song called "Me + U"). However the way it's pronounced makes it sound like the name of the maths prefix µ, and if that's the intention than I'm all on board. Their group name is mathematical after all, even though that's easily forgotten sometimes.

Hopefully this will symbolize a new start for the group, and that they'll continue making great music because they sure have that factor down. Looking at the setlist from the concert is only an indication of how freaking awesome their discography is, and I'm super jealous of everyone who went because they literally performed almost all of my favorite songs.

I think what I'm really trying to say with this post is that I'm really happy and incredibly proud of them, and if there's a DVD being released of this concert than I'm getting it no matter the price because that's just how much I love them.

Congratulations f(x)!

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